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Stress Hypnotherapy in Jesmond Newcastle

Stress Hypnotherapy in Jesmond Newcastle

Stress Hypnotherapy in Jesmond Newcastle

When you have continuous chronic, long terms stress its a real disaster. You suffer, your relationships suffer. Your partner, family and friends suffer too. You feel your life is out of control and unsettlingly unpredictable with no way out of a deep rut.

There is currently so much to be stress out about now. A staggering cost of living crisis in part brought about by war in Ukraine, before that Covid 19 and before that the promises of Brexit that only made your situation worse. Your job may be in jeopardy as so many firms are making the cuts they need to survive while leaving many employees in limbo.

Can you imagine if you had 1% less chronic stress and worries, you probably wouldn’t notice any difference right? Imagine if you has 10% less worries and stress? You would maybe start to notice some difference. Now imagine 50% less, 70% less you would really be noticing wouldn’t you?


With chronic stress you won’t perform at your best and this is easy to see.
Consider some assistance, no need to rest yet from your stress get free.

You have learned ways to cope with the unpredictable and uncertain in life and taking a look at what you do, are you catastrophising? Thinking the worst and doing ‘either or thinking’ or perhaps its ‘What If?’ and running down to the slope of the imagined negative cliff?

Stress Hypnotherapy in Jesmond Newcastle and Gosforth

You know, its a fact, as humans we are biased, psychologically to be risk adverse and so are like magnets attracted to the potential dangers of bad events. It’s a survival trait and our thoughts, about something serious and salient going wrong affects our emotions and how we feel and this is as vicious a cycle as an out of control pit bull.

You try desperately to avoid problems where you feel out of control and seemingly without any predictability is a black hole that you can’t escape. You could explore some of the ways people distort reality ( CBT) as a way to find out what you do with your thinking and this will be helpful.

When you are seriously looking into getting professional assistance you can have a free consultation for Stress Hypnotherapy in Jesmond Newcastle and decide for yourself if this is something you will find value in making changes in your life. Prior to your free consultation please take the time to download, complete and return your questionnaire so we both know you are serious and committed to make positive change.

Earlier in this post I invited you to imagine how say a 50% or 70% improvement would affect you. By already imagining how your life, your relationships would be different you have already taken your first steps. Now imagine if you do nothing and continue as you were? What is the difference you see?

Here is something that I hope you digest as a way of acknowledging that your situation and thinking style can change for the better. The same imagination you used to think the worst is the same imagination you are using to think much better. Which means you have the skills to get out of the rut of negative thinking. The exact same skills you use to worse or lots better.

Anxiety is the gap between the present and the future” – Fritz Pearls

You know how much more flexibility and freedom you could experience with a shift in perspectives. With less chronic stress there is more room for joy and fun and likely more time to pursue what makes you and your family happier.

Get in touch for information and a free consultation for Stress Hypnotherapy in Jesmond Newcastle. For you this is only a phone call or an email away.