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EMI Plus : Trauma Resolution For Therapists : Nigel Hetherington

Next EMI Plus Training

Specifically for therapists and hypnotherapists in 2012 is being held in London.February 2012.

In an exciting opportunity, Nigel Hetherington, from Communicating Excellence, has agreed to come to London to present his 2 day workshop on Trauma Resolution: EMI Plus. For those who have not used EMI before, you will be taken through everything you need to know – prior knowledge is not necessary.

If you already have experience of EMI you will already know just how incredibly powerful it can be in resolving past traumas and you will find that the EMI Plus training adds new dimensions to the use of EMI, and because it is experiential in nature over a full two days, will mean that you will leave the weekend totally ready to use it in a powerful way in your practice.

I am fortunate enough recently to have been on Nigel’s training in Newcastle,  and I found that it took my confidence and competence of using EMI to a totally new level and not just for trauma.This is a way to work completely content free and is brilliant when working with children.

I was also surprised to learn how it can be used to create and generate positive states with an interesting twist on future timeline! These workshops are normally run only in Newcastle, so I am really pleased that Nigel has agreed to offer this quality training in London. You can book your place now ” – Cathy Simmons

All details and booking information can be found at Cathy Simmons:

Cathy Simmons Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP

And is Feburay 4-5th 2012.

All booking details can be found at the above link.