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Hypnotherapy to Help You Change Your Situation

A question many people ask is what is hypnosis? And this is answered or defined in a great many ways. I want to answer this question by way of suggesting what hypnosis can do to create the kinds of changes many people want in life.

We all have what can be called a certain outlook in life. This means we see the world and ourselves in a certain way. This is know as ‘our world view’. Our life experiences, our upbringing and environment all contribute to our world view or our reality.

Perhaps you can remember the first time you stood up as a baby, even if you don’t remember, you know you did. This is one occasion when your world view quite literally changed.

Newcastle Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has the potential to help you change your world view.

Not so long ago the idea of climate change was not taken seriously, not was recycling. Now if we seriously look at the evidence, as well as the popular and often conflicting story’s, we can see that unless we take action now, our world ecology and ability to sustain both us and the people who will follow is seriously in the balance.

Sometimes it may literally be too late to make a change that makes a real difference. Fortunately this seems not to be the case with psychological changes. So there is both hope and belief it can be better in the future.

When people seek psychological assistance using hypnotherapy it is not uncommon that many other avenues have been explored and no technique or action plan has yet had the desired effect.

It’s difficult not to compare a current problem situation with what was once had. Its human nature to compare the present to the past but we are really talking and exploring how you want your future to be.

So there may be a tendency, a predisposition to make a comparison based on a present ( not so good ) and past situation; which in this kind of assessment the comparison point or current situation is inherently not a good one. And this will have a tendency to reinforce and exacerbate the negative situation.

There is an alternative. And even considering this alternative could begin to change a negative-problematic outlook from an undesirable situation into what could be possible, a brighter future.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Working with a variety of people who’s situation they will describe as depressed, anxious, traumatised, addicted or stressed, I believe the people I work with are ultimately capable of creating the changes that will change their life for the better.

There is often little or no need to understand the history of how the people I work with came to be depressed, anxious … You are probably wondering why this is? It’s because asking deeply about a story, your-story, will tend to cement and solidify a certain world view.

That problem oriented world view may well be ‘the story we tell ourselves’ that reinforces our problems. If we explore a solution oriented approach to leaving our problems and focusing on what you really want to be different, how would that be?

In exploring the future you want we will endeavor to create something that is sustainable, fitting and ecological. This means discovering ways you can, perhaps with some real effort, begin changing your current world view.

Is it time for you to stand up again and begin to see your world differently? What would it be like to begin to see your situation with an outlook of hope? What would that feel like?

To arrange a free telephone consultation for hypnotherapy in Newcastle upon Tyne or Hexham, please call me, Nigel on 0770 481 8467. Calls are usually returned within 24 working hours.

Trauma Hypnotherapy Newcastle

Trauma is one of those words that can conjurer up all kinds of meanings. Trauma can be defined as a situation or experience where there is / was imminent danger to the survival of an individual. This of course can come in a wide variety of flavours. Major trauma, minor trauma and those in-between.

A traumatic experience has the potential to alter how the brain and nervous system works and in some cases the ‘damage’ can seem irreparable. In terms of having a behaviour or response that seems to be fixed and set in stone.

Hypnotherapy Trauma Newcastle

Hypnotherapy Trauma Newcastle

For example a car crash, a physical assault or losing a loved one. Trauma can also be induced vicariously, that is, by witnessing a situation, or act where another person or being that is subject to horrocity. In a nut shell trauma is both a physical and psychological occurrence that can leave deep scars.

It does not have to be this way, hypnotherapy Newcastle can help you to both come to terms with and move on from what has happened.

Years of living with trauma may well take several session of hypnotherapy Newcastle to help you alleviate the undesired and unwanted emotional responses. I will do my very best to make this a minimal amount of sessions.

There are no ridiculous or completely unethical promises being made here. To quote my friend and colleague Andy, “My sincere efforts are guaranteed but the results are not.” This is completely and transparently honest.

A Personal Account of Trauma

I recall when I was around 16 years old being shown a video at school. The video showed army personal blow torching a pig till its skin blistered. Giving the pig some water, which it eagerly drank, and then continuing burning its skin to black, blistering and boiling. The pig never screamed because its vocal chords had been cut.

The head of the school I attended was reported to local authorities for showing a bunch of 16-17  year old’s this film. Some viewers cried many left the lecture room.  The topic was either Media Studies or Social Studies, one of those ‘lame’ compulsory subjects that six form college forced me to participate in.

For a long while the images and emotions haunted me. I understand the purpose of the experiment ( with the pig ) was exploring how soldiers could survive massive body burns. The experiment with the students, the 16 year old viewers was not entirely clear. It certainly left a deep impression.

Pure vicarious traumatic episode. I froze.

Trauma – The Neuro Biology

Basically we are taking about a Stress Response to environmental and or psychological events. These in tern activate the sympathetic nervous system. This means there is a great deal of adrenaline ( epinephrine ) circulating in the bloodstream.

Additionally there will be arginine vasopressin ( AVP ) and Adrenocorticotropin circulating in the blood stream mediated by activation of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis. ( HPA )

This is well know as the fight / flight / freeze response.

What all this means is your blood pressure is increased, heart beating faster you are on high alert. Fat is being rapidly accessed in the form of circulating glucose to provide energy to your exercising muscles and you are biologically equipped to save your life.

After the stressor your body should return to normal in a short period of time. Prolonged stressors will keep both aspects of the stress response activated, that is the sympathetic nervous response plus the HPA response.

Collecting and Storing Traumas

Traumatic events can be thought of as being stored in the body as a frozen and solid somatic memory as well as psychological imprints. This can be understood as the ‘freeze’ response from the fight / flight / freeze.

Also escaping ( flight ) or fighting to survive in a dangerous physical and or physiological situation can leave trauma scars. This can be a one off event such as a car crash or could be multiple events such as an abusive relation or bullying at work.

Animals don’t seen to store trauma the way humans can. Animals seem to shake of excess energy and emotion after a traumatic episode and get right back on with their lives. Humans after a traumatic encounter will sometimes fail to release the energy which can come back to haunt as flash backs, startle responses or physical pain.

Hypnotherapy and Bowen Therapy in Newcastle

Treating both the psychological trauma using hypnotherapy and any physiological trauma representation using the gentle Bowen therapy techniques offers a complete range of therapy to help you heal and move forwards.

For a completely free and confidential telephone consultation regarding trauma resolution, call me, Nigel, on 0770 481 8467. Leave a message, your name and contact phone number if you get the answering machine. Calls returned within 24 working hours.



Hypnosis Newcastle Anxiety – Nigel Hetherington

Hypnotherapy Newcastle for Anxiety problems such as excessive worry, guilt and remorse. Newcastle hypnotherapy for common anxiety disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD ), trauma, intrusive traumatic memories and flash backs.

People with problematic anxiety disorders often describe their problems as ‘preying on their mind’. Anxious people will also describe their symptoms as ‘tying their stomach up in knots’ and occasionally ‘feeling skitish’ as well as ‘having a looming sense of dread’.

The embodied sense of unwell is not experienced as some cerebral thought process but is instead felt physically and emotionally in the body. If you consider some of the terms commonly used by anxious people to describe their problems we discover many of those terms are metaphorical in their literal description and are of an embodied physicalised sense.

What Does That Mean You May Be Asking? Good Question!

Well, predators like lions, tigers and bears prey on or stalk their food. We can tie a rope up into knots and it’s people or clouds that can  loom upon us but…

In the context of Anxiety, there is no literal tying up of our stomachs in knots; there is no physical being looming on us and there is no physical predator preying on our minds for their lunch of emotional nutrition, not even an metaphorical energy vampire! AND we can quite literally act as though this metaphorical descriptions IS true.

Neuro Biological Components Of Anxiety – Brain Stuff

Refined brain scanning of neuronal activity in many studies has shown, as a body of evidence, that there are certain brain nucleoli involved in most types of anxiety. Interestingly they are other brain nucleoli involved in more positive reports of psychological states. The research backs up the common knowledge that certain kinds of activities that mediate the common terms to describe ‘good states’.

It makes perfect sense that, when removing neuro-biological pathology there are ways of thinking and behaving that create negative states. Just as much as the obverse, in that there are ways of thinking and being that promote ‘positive states’.

OK, brain scanning ( fMRI ) has shown that there is increased activity in the lateral-pre-frontal cortex ( PFC ) and the dorsal anterior cingulate ( dAC ); relating the unexpected to negative emotional moods, very much like the well documented OCD loop. The interesting idea here is this activity can have a brain hemisphere dominance.

When we are anxious, it is well known or suggested that doing some, any, menial distraction activity ( I define menial as a left brained, attention consuming ) such as adding columns of numbers, organising books or doing meditation. These could be called displacement activities. They provide a temporary relief from worrying thoughts that create undesirable feelings that accompany anxiety.

A more permanent solution is to learn how to change the thought patterns that create anxiety in the first place. Anxiety and stress go hand in hand when people have the following kinds of experience.

  • Lack of certainty about the future
  • Lack of control in situations
  • Poor social support
  • Lack of outlets for stress

What Can You Do To Help Yourself?

How is it that people in a comparable situation to you can feel OK and calm what you would have been anxious? Well in a nut shell they think differently. Understanding how you think is a very positive first step in changing how you feel. They don’t have quite so much amygdala arousal.

A significant proportion of people I work with create their own anxiety by talking to themselves. Not necessarily out loud but by the silent thoughts that are generally ruminated as ‘what if …’, ‘this is going to be bad …’ BUT it is the same kind of thoughts, that with practice, can generate a much more positive outlook on life.

  • Feel more in-control of your life
  • Be more comfortable with insecurity
  • Engage your friends and peers
  • Discover outlets for stress

Hypnosis And Psychotherapy As Solution

Hypnosis Newcastle can help you to feel more at peace and at the same time, with practice and dedication, help you run your own bran and thought patterns, in ways that promote more acceptance and INFLUENCE of your wellbeing. Newcastle hypnotherapy for anxiety to it’s opposite.

A question I often begin with, with clients is, imagine you were having a perfect day, how would that be? And I have clients describe their perfect or better days. Think about it this way; You create your own ideas about how life is going to be, and that is anxiety or its opposite.

You can learn how to nurture your thoughts, with practice, as to how you want to live anxiety free or more free and enabling. It does take practice and hypnotherapy Newcastle is not usually a miracle cure it is one step to you taking control of your life.

Hypnosis Newcastle for anxiety relief and ways of, in one step at a time, or radically changing what was you anxiety response to a more centred and easier way of being. Hypnosis Newcastle avec Nigel Hetherington

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Newcastle – Nigel Hetherington

Hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming, NLP North East and Sunderland to stop smoking using hypnotherapy & NLP can help you overcome one of the most legally available and most addictive substances, nicotine and habit.

During the second world war one man discovered that he had a real MEANING to go on living under the harshest of conditions. Conditions of virtual slavery, torturous treatment, malnutrition and the likely hood of certain but early death. This man was called Viktor Frankl and we will return to Viktor in a short while.

In the 1950’s it was socially acceptable to smoke, it was trendy and the risks involved were, like drinking irradiated fluids for health, were unknown. Using Newcastle hypnosis for stopping smoking could help you raise your quality of life by stopping smoking. Why? Because statistically you will live longer and have more money over time to do more of the things that are honestly more meaningful to you. Check out for some very captivating statistics regarding smoking.

Smokers tend to smoke between 10 and 60 cigarettes per day. 10 cigarettes per day cost around £5. If you add this monetary cost up over a week that is £35 per week, over one average month that is close to £150 and over one year, more than £1500. Now if you smoke 20 a day that is 3k per year … what would you do with an extra £3000 per year? Or how would you occupy your time and extra cash?

When you stop smoking it must be for a deeply meaningful reason

You could choose to stop for your health, your children, to live longer BUT there has to be an honest, well contrived and purposeful MEANINGFUL reason. Viktor Frankl found a deep meaning to live. Using hypnosis to Stop smoking will help you discover a deep meaning to quit. In order to stop smoking you have to WANT to stop and want to stop for deeply meaningful reasons.

In order to stop smoking using hypnosis, or at least being able to have some seriously informed consent and choice as to when to smoke and as well to choose not to smoke, there are two very important factors that come into play.

FACTOR ONE : Addictions are usually quite difficult to stop

It is usually very difficult to stop smoking cigarettes after smoking for a long time. A cigarette will supply the addict with comforting feelings, seem to reduce stress and like any serious addiction there is a biological and neurological component. There is an emotional component and there is a socially acceptable component. There are lots of reasons to keep smoking BUT the key here is finding enough meaningful and future oriented why’s to QUIT.

FACTOR TWO : Your body craves what you are addicted to.

If we eliminate ( just for the moment ) stress and how smoking calms you for a moment there is a craving that is both physiologically ( addiction ) and psychologically ( addiction ) biologically requested. When you smoke you inhale nicotine, granted inhaling a cigarette does not provide a massive nicotine burst, but even that tiny weeny bit is enough to make you crave more. Nicotine binds to the Acetylcholine neurons in your brain and affects the mesolimbic dopamine pleasure centre in your brain. This drives the smoker to want to smoke and in doing so releases endogenous opioid pleasure rewards; which do feel very pleasurable.

All addictive behaviours involve a mid brain and forebrain complex know as the mesolimbic reward circuit. This is a dopaminergic pathway from the ventral tegmental area in the mesencephalon to the nucleus accumbens septi. All addictive behaviours and thoughts are associated to this pathway from cocaine addiction to sexual addiction. This also includes alcohol and smoking and gambling.

The Social Govermental Paradox

Stop Smoking BUT you can buy cigarettes from almost anywhere. Why not legalise cannabis or cocaine? The two most personally and socially damaging drugs the are legally available are cigarettes and alcohol. The revenues that our government make from cigarettes and alcohol are massive.

UK government costs such as hospital care, from cigarettes is 2.4 billion what the government makes is over 8 billion. The  UK government makes in excess of 15 billion from alcohol. This would seem like a ‘legitimate’ drug dealers profit rather large. All of this profit is spread out to benefit the rest of the UK in what the government allocates regionally.

How You Can Help Yourself To Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking successfully really does require changing and reframing your behaviours in a variety of situations. A holistic approach will include the successful quitter to discover better ways to alleviate the natural stressors that preclude smoking, will require the successful quitter to change social setting ( at least for a while, about 6 months ) where smoking was the norm. Will require deeply meaningful ways to find a genuine purpose where the smoking behaviour was a thing of the past with future orientated behaviours taking precedence. And most of all a need to stop smoking.

So what Viktor Frankl did, in the context of a likely very short and painful future was, discover in himself a reason to live. That reasons was to present lectures and learning to hundreds of people at an imaginary conference on the psychology of how people can treat other human beings so badly and what can be done to change the world in better ways.

Viktor didn’t get to realise his conference to hundreds of people. He got to lecture to thousands of people and raise human consciousness against the horrors of war. Maybe that’s not for you as everyone would do better at following their own purpose and bliss. So maybe you would just like your children to see how parents can change and maybe you would like to see your children grow up into their adult lives?

For help in stopping smoking using hypnosis in Newcastle you can call me for a free consultation. Get help for stop smoking Newcastle using  hypnotherapy and NLP in Newcastle from Nigel Hetherington.



Public Speaking Confidence @ Nigel Hetherington

Today, now, more than ever before, being able to speak with a real and genuine confidence is a very necessary skill.

We must and have to, as part of our jobs, speak to groups of people and effectively communicate and share ideas, strategies and information . We often have to act in the role of a mediator or chairperson. We need to be heard, lead from top outwards and at the same time as respond to feedback we need to be open to our group input. To function effectively we actually require that public speaking is a well honed and practised skill. We need public speaking confidence.

Maybe, like you, so many people have had a bad experience of public speaking and this still dwells within. If you want to overcome this feeling and get some insights on how to improve, keep reading …

Before a public speech, many of us begin to worry and you know, worry can take many forms. Worrying about if we will come across poorly, worrying if people will not like us. Worrying if we will sound stupid. Worry, worry, worry.

Worrying like this has three very problematic effects

1. It does produce a negative feedback loop. Concentrating on what can go wrong will tend to focus our attention on what can go wrong and like any good self fulfilling prophesy is likely to amplify what it sets out to create.

2. It removes our attention from both our audience and our message. Two very unhelpful attention distractions.

3. This culminates into a negative feed-forward loop. It feed forwards in time and this will adversely effect your future presentations.

So, what are the crucial elements of a really good public speech?

1. Know your stuff. This means being familiar with our content, which does comes through practice and experience. This really is the easy part.
2. Stop worrying while you are presenting, focus on what your ARE doing. This is crucial. There will be plenty of time AFTERWARDS to evaluate your performance. And an after performance evaluation is of great use. AFTER the event.
3. Be in the moment. This is linked to [2]. Being present and being present in the full experience.

How do people repeatedly manage to screw up their presentations?

1. Taking to themselves during their presentation. Usually in a negative and unhelpful way.
2. Over practising.
3. Pre-performance; Getting into negative states. This is the worry cycle [ what if … ].
4. Being in the wrong state prior to giving a public address.

What can you do to give a really congruent and well received speech?

The best way, as far as I can understand is essentially two fold. And it goes like this.

Firstly, knowing you content, you must BELIEVE in what you are sharing with your group. This really does mean speaking from your heart. I mean this both physically and literally. Speaking from your heart means an honest and congruent commitment from you in terms of having a genuine affection for the messages you will be delivering. This means understanding the value of what you are sharing. This means being connected with the real purpose, your audience and anticipating the intended affects of what you say.

Secondly, and by way of the first, your body, your voice, your attitude will be congruent and really aligned with the messages you are going to deliver. There is no more simple way to put this. You are the messenger, so walk your talk.

All this can come, quite succinctly, from speaking from your heart and … having the real state that supports your outcome. And your state is KEY to YOUR SUCCESS.

The real big and powerful secret that will drive this to your success is ultimately your state.

Now, your state and a powerful engaging purpose are two things I can really assist you with for public speaking.

This means developing an attitude that promotes your confidence and your message. Being confident and congruent with your message will promote your confidence, this is a powerful loop. Using aspects of Hypnotherapy and NLP, I can help you address the blocks from your past which are holding you back and really assist you in uncovering and developing a powerful driving purpose that is your foundation for success.

Before you contact me I want to make two things clear. These two things are crucial for your success. These are very, very important. make absolutely sure you are:

1. Deeply committed to making this change. This is not necessarily about a one session ‘fix’ where the onus in on me to change you. My clients who get the very best results are the one’s, who not only engage in the process, they are the ones who commit to pre and post session tasks. Be sure you are totally committed to making a lasting change before you contact me.

2. Totally willing and committed to do whatever it takes to get to the place where public speaking is more than OK.

If this is you … Get in contact right away to make the changes you want in your life now.