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Could Dieting and Weight Loss Cure Type 2 Diabetes? Newcastle Hypnotherapy

In a recent article in the Telegraph, research from Newcastle University is suggestive that Type 2 diabetes could be cured by weight loss in the body mass which includes weight loss in the pancreas itself. This is a fascinating prospect because there are huge numbers of people in the UK that have Type 2 diabetes which is caused by several factors ( collectively know as metabolic syndrome ) and one large contributor is being over weight.

There are more than a few potential problems that can be caused by being overweight. One of these is Type 2 diabetes. This is essentially where the pancreas has stopped or severely lowered insulin production due to fat cells being full to the brim and unable to accept any more fat to be stored.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle Weight Loss

Initially the pancreas increases the amount of insulin ( insulin is the hormone that promotes fat storage ) but the insulin receptors, weary of being canvased way too much, stop receiving calls.

When we eat carbohydrate ( sugars ) a normal functioning pancreas will start to drip out our hormone insulin into the blood stream. Now in the presence of fat and carbohydrate ( think of a delicious slice of gooey chocolate cake ) there is the potential, due to insulin, to store fat should there be any excess of energy.

This is all well and good and it makes sense to store away any excess energy ( as fat ) should be fall on hard times of energy shortage in the future. The problems begin when there is no more capacity to store fat.

Some Possible Reasons For Being Overweight

The most obvious two are eating to much of the foods that store fat and in additions not doing enough exercise to maintain a healthy weight. These are the cursory reasons though. Lets explore what may be behind this.

A simple and totally reflective way of thinking about this is that its our old habits and coping mechanisms. Its the ways ( through no fault of our own ) have learned to deal with the natural stresses in our life. This is another way to describe how we individually deal with psychological stress.

Hypnotherapy is one way to re-learn and create new alternative, more of that later. Remember old habits are just learned ways of coping and reactive to the problems and situations we all face.

Psychological stressors can make our bodies ( and minds ) feel like we are responding to an actual physical stressor. They are markedly different yet can have the same affects on our body-mind.

One of the body responses to stress is the activation of our HPA Axis. Let me introduce you to the HPA Axis.  Hypothalamus – Pituitary – Adrenal Axis. This is the brain-gland response which releases glucose into the blood during a crisis.

We need extra and rapid energy to give us the strength to run or even fight. This is about rapid mobilisation of energy. This takes several seconds from the onset of a stressor to release the hormone cortisol that makes more blood glucose available and that equates to more available energy.

Stop to think about this. How often do many people become stressed during the day and how long do these episodes last? Also if we are not exercising or running off any excess energy, adrenaline and nervous energy, there is a lot of floating energy in the tank and its not getting used. It has to go back into storage.

Now add this in to the equations some two thirds of people crave sugary foods after being stressed. Being stressed and / or old habits could easily be seen as mechanisms for pilling on the weight.

What Can Be Done To Lose Weight?

Having both a knowledge and understanding of how certain foods combine to store fat is important. This is now very available material and consists of knowing the three basic food groups and knowing how fat is stored. This alone will probably not set you free though it is certainly possible it can!

For a long term solution I suggest a multi-faceted approach.

1. Understand the triggers or motivations which can lead to less that healthy eating. Realising these are most likely a form of stressor you can take appropriate actions to alleviate them.

2. Delving deep into yourself, discovering the real reasons for wanting to lose weight, keep it off and make important life changes. Losing weight in my experience is never just to lose weight.

3. Exploring how hypnotherapy may be a key to you accessing your deepest and most potent resources to actually make the kinds of lasting changes needed.

5. Consider some form of exercise. Many forms of exercise actually promote positive stress where the bodies general well being, immune system and health are actively nurtured.

6. Taking active and positive responsibility to affect changes, often with the help of a professional.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Hypnotherapy has the potential to help you both access your deeper resources and creativity to make your own self determined new ways of being.

When you are interested and invested in changing your life style and are willing to make an effortful commitment to make this happen, please give me a call on 0770 481 8467 or send me a direct email to arrange a free consultation.