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See How You Can Find Severe Pain Relief with Hypnotherapy Newcastle

When you have severe pain and there is no medical solution why not see how you can find your severe pain relief with Hypnotherapy Newcastle.

Hypnotherapy for pain Newcastle upon Tyne

You may have physical pain, you may have psychological pain and shock horror, psychological pain can manifest as physical pain and vice versa.

What will your life be if you can feel relief from your pain?

Firstly, I will only work with you to help relieve your pain if you have already sought medical advice.

I helped someone before Christmas who had been in a accident and had to have a metal plate put in their foot. It has been some months and the pain stopped them walking for anything more than an hour. Before the accident, they walked several hours with ease.

We found out that the surgeon had told them that they would be in a great deal of pain and they shouldn’t expect to walk like they did before. Great hypnosis! The solution was actually finding out that this was said and that it was a stupid suggestion. A little hypnosis and they are walking two hours again with minimal discomfort.

Some years ago I helped a woman names Miri who came to see me with chronic pain. We had five sessions together. Several years later I received an email from her saying how the work we did has helped and is still effective. You can read that here.

Again some years ago, I helped a person who daughter had dies twenty years ago and they had not for all attempts been able to let go and get over that most tragic event. I helped that person come to their own relief and freedom in one session.

If you have psychological pain, be this guilt, remorse or anxiety or you have physical pain such as arthritis or idiopathic pain and you want to explore how hypnosis can help do get in touch.

You can call me on 0770 481 8467 or use the Booking a Session page to download and complete your questionnaire to see how I can help you.

Get in touch and see how you can find your severe pain relief with Hypnotherapy Newcastle with Nigel Hetherington.