Personalised Hypnosis Audio

Personalised Hypnosis Audio Made Just for You!

When you are thinking about making real changes in your life a Personalised Hypnosis Audio ( PHA ) could be perfect for you. You can listen whenever it’s right for you and you can listen again and again and again!

HERE are the upfront DETAILS for you. I despise having to contact a company or read a dozen pages before I see the price and details. Your investment in your PHA is £40. You will have your personalised hypnosis mp3 in about two days from our consultation where you can tell me exactly what you want to change.

This is a high value, low cost option when you feel you need to make some changes in your life. You might want assistance with anxiety, stress, public speaking, self confidence, relationships, weight loss etcetera. It’s whatever you want help with, this is completely your choice, totally up to you.

Making this more than memorable for you, you can let me know any specific words, phrases or mantras you would like in your PHA. Imagine a powerful, personal and professional hypnosis audio made just for you!

It’s easy to start the process of receiving your PHA. It’s just a phone call or an email away to arrange your personal consultation. A personal consultation is where you let me know exactly what you want to change in your life to reach your outcome.

When you are sure that I understand your needs, I will create your PHA and in about two days you will have your personalised mp3 hypnosis audio. Your Personalised Hypnosis Audio will be between 40 minutes and an hour.

Call: +44 770 481 8467
Email :

It is really worth checking a search engine like google to compare the cost and what you get with other hypnosis audios that are personalised. You can search with the term ‘personalised hypnosis audio’ and just on the first page of google you can see ‘personalised’ has more than one meaning.

Personalised can mean a pre-written script with your name added in for good measure. Personalised can mean a completely fresh hypnotic audio that will be made following a consultation with you. The latter is by far the better as this kind truly is unique and personalised. Here is the snag for the latter.

The consultation and personalised recorded versions top at £300 and lower end are £120. I really like this method and I really dislike the cost. You do get a consultation followed by an personalised mp3.


It really feels amazing to realise the kind of changes you want in life and I am sure you have already imagined and thought about how your life can be better and more fulfilling as you achieve your goals and outcomes. Perhaps you will be happier, more content and have greater peace of mind. Maybe you imagine a different group of positive behaviours and emotions as you reach your goals?

The next step is you getting in touch. Call or email when it’s the right time for you to invest in the future you want.

Call: +44 770 481 8467
Email :

Personalised Hypnosis Audio

Please take note: There is no guarantee that your PHA will help you create the changes and results you want. This is the same for any therapy.
I guarantee I will do my very best to create your mp3 in the ways I believe will work best for you.
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