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It has been 3 years since I flew from Switzerland to Newcastle to work with you for an adventurous week of daily sessions on this horrible chronic backpain that controlled my life.

The destruction in my spine is still there. My vertebrae sound like a rattle and sometimes they get stuck. However there is no real pain. Like I misplaced it and I don’t care to find it again. And if I feel some pain occasionally I just enjoy a nice nap with a hot pack. No more misery. The misery completely vanished.

The spell is gone and I am so grateful for this big change in my life!

Thank you very much for your awesome magic work!

Wishing you well!”



I visited Nigel because I needed to have an operation to remove a BCC on my face. In the past I have had a coupe of bad experiences when having suspect freckles removed and as a result I dreaded the operation and following plastic surgery which would be required.

Nigel helped me to relax and taught me some exercises which helped me recover and grow from my past bad experiences and to leave them behind. I was to continue with these in the run up to the operation.

He also helped me to understand how my panic attacks were influencing me and how I could turn this around. I felt no pain during surgery, but I found the other sensations involved disturbing. Nigel helped me to realise how I could start to control these sensations and use my imagination to influence the experience for the better.

The surgery to remove the growth went very well and I felt calm afterwards. The following day was more challenging, but I got through it with minimum trauma and only had a couple of moments of panic. I successfully visualised myself being calm and brought myself back down.

Thank you for helping to get me on the road to recovery.”

Patricia Smith

“I contacted Nigel because I had a very restricted diet, virtually no meat and not much variety of fruit and veg. I had been like this all of my life with no reason known to me why I couldn’t try thing – I just couldn’t.

During my telephone assessment I really liked Nigel’s no nonsense approach no sales pitch just honest advice and what he would hope to achieve. After my session to say my expectations were surpassed would be an understatement, the very first night my wife and I went to a restraint where I tried Ham, Salmon and Steak. The next night I tried Cod, Calamari, Duck and Prawns.

I’ve since continued to try new foods – some I like some I don’t but I will give then a try. It really has changed my life no more worrying where I can and can’t eat, the only downside being I will probably get gout from all the rich food!! I couldn’t recommend Nigel enough he puts you totally at ease and is genuinely interested in helping you and wanting to change your life”

Ian Doughty

“after years of chronic back pain, culminating in an unhealthy reliance on analgesic medication, I was skeptical about trying Hypnotherapy. I felt immediate benefits after my first session with Nigel, whilst not miraculously alleviating the pain, the session allowed me to take control of how I dealt with it, helping me focus on a more healthy lifestyle, exercising and reducing my medication.

By the time I saw Nigel for a second session, I had lost weight, was exercising regularly and had reduced the amount of medication I was taking. After 4 months the self hypnosis Techniques Nigel introduced me to continue to have a positive effect, I have lost over 2 stone, exercise daily and am coping with my back pain in a very different way, rarely needing to resort to medication. I would recommend Nigel to anybody who seriously wants to make changes and rebalance their life!”


Having had difficulties with my weight since a child I had obviously tried every weight loss strategy known to man and here I was age 44 and still very overweight. I made my appointment and really felt I had nothing to loose…………………..The glamour of the clinic was an added bonus, it’s a really lovely environment and I felt special just being able to go there but this pales into insignificance when compared to the actual benefits of the therapy itself.

Nigel was very professional and I felt very much at ease. I dont know what happened but I flew out of the clinic and I’ve been flying ever since. I would actually go so far as to say that my life has been utterly transformed. Why was it never easy like this before? My diet has drastically changed and the weight is dropping off, and……….I’m even exercising! yahoooooooo! Many many thanks to Nigel.

Laura Weston

Having contacted Nigel when I had reached a “major crossroad” in my life, his Gift for understanding the situation and applying powerful techniques helped me reach an outcome that has changed my life immeasurably for the better. Nigel is quite simply one of those People who will enter the “folklore” of Coaching/Therapy as real Pioneer of his time; I could not recommend him highly enough. I also made last years turnover in three months.

Phil Whitfield Consultant (Business Owner)

I went to see nigel after years of frustration at being fearful of driving. I had once been able to drive with comfort and ease on motorways and unfamiliar roads, but after a prolonged period of stress found that I would panic at the thought of driving on motorways. The fear was substantial and effected me physically, shaking and losing feeling in my hands and feet. I felt so angry with myself for not being able to do this- what was stopping me? i had done it so many times, not matter how hard I tried I would have to pull over and in the end just didnt bother. If it meant driving for longer and around places without going on motorways i would put my self out to avoid them, I also turned down invitations if that was the only way i could get there. Id been tested for all sorts of medical issues , ears, blood pressure, balance and all came back fine. Id read about NLP and thought that this could help, after doing some research I found communication excellence website. I was at my wits end with myself and though why not? I felt at ease with Nigel and was able to talk about everything leading up to this time. I highlighted with his help what exactly was happening when i had this panic feeling and ways i could calm it. I left feeling i could do anything i wanted not fearful at all. Now 2 weeks later I am working with the techniques, I am still nervous but excited at the same time to see what i can do, as i write this i have driven successfully on motorways without having to stop! Its changed my life for sure


I’m doing a full time PhD and over the past few years eating became a way of procrastinating and easing anxiety. This got worse and worse and had a real grip on me – I was binge eating almost every day and waking up every night for something to eat – it was a nightmare – literally! I was exhausted and my PhD was suffering hugely too. I had tried hypnotherapists (at great expense!), I’d tried a lot of different things in fact but nothing seemed to work. Nigel was different. As well as the unconscious stuff he did, he gave me really manageable, practical and easy to use skills to help me cope better and shift my perspective and priorities. I’m now increasing in my energy, health, focus, confidence and determination again. And it is such a relief to have the tools so that I can now give my PhD the care and attention it needs and deserves. Thanks!


“When I first met Nigel, I was suffering from severe panic attacks and depression and had been in counselling which had made my symptoms worse. I was also rattling with pills and drinking to numb the pain. After only one session, the panic attacks decreased in both number and intensity, so much so, that I was able to drive and leave the house once again. The beauty of Nigel’s methods is that I did not have to relive any of the traumas or try to explain what had caused my pain which I had found unbearable in counselling. Eye Movement Integration ( EMI )  has to be the most bizarre yet highly effective treatment I have ever received and I can whole-heartedly recommend it. IT WORKS and so do all the other tools Nigel has at his disposal. His sense of humour is heart warming, he exudes integrity and I will be forever grateful to him for his role in my recovery. I have got my life back!”


I had discovered a family member who was attempting to take their own life, as a result of this, and the traumatic events that followed, I suffer from wildly disturbed sleep and was haunted by agonisingly vivid flash backs and completely lost my confidence. I had three sessions with Nigel and as a result am able to achieve natural sleep,and no longer have flash backs. I think I will be sad about what happened for a long time. However I am confident, not only that can I rebuild my life but that the proses is going to be wonderful and great fun. Thanks Nigel your a star


Nigel is supportive, enthusiastic and motivational, with a great sense of humour. I am happy to recommend him as a one to one coach or as group trainer.

Peter G, Lecturer

My name is Paula and I saw Nigel for only one session in November 2008. I can remember the month so well. I had been trying to give up smoking for such a long time. Years of on/off, never sustaining the stop for more than a few months. I knew it was affecting my health so badly. I had asthma and eczema too, so knew if I wanted a healthy future I needed to stop once and for all. I seriously could see old age as a crippled emphysema ridden burden.

Nigel is a dynamic, warm, supportive and genuine guy. I couldn’t have trusted him so quickly had he not been. One session and I have not looked back since. I have at times wondered about having a cigarette but as soon as I do, I taste and smell all the bad things I talked about in that session and am so proud of myself. I have got a brilliant picture now of my future. It is now rare as hens teeth that I have asthma and eczema. I know they are connected.

I highly recommend Nigel not just for smoking but anything that you might want to confront. You have to believe in a therapist to move forward. Ring him


If you’re looking to kick-start, jump or extend your client facing skills, this course is a MUST. I’ve ‘kissed a few frogs’ over the years, in other words, done loads of NLP and hypnosis courses and some of the things that frustrated me were the lack of real life experience of the trainers, real life application of the content and the intellectual snobbery and jargon. You know, when you say to yourself “But how could I use this in REAL life, with REAL clients?”

That’s not the case at all with Communicating Excellence’s course. The trainers are SO down to earth, yet SO sophisticated and
SO funny, you’ll find yourself learning, laughing and experimenting your way to a new level of skill and qualification. The training has an overt NLP focus, so ideal for you if you have some understanding of this field. In fact, even as a Trainer of NLP, my NLP repertoire was significantly expanded and enriched, while learning a complete set of hypnotherapy skills. Double bonus.

You’ll find yourself in a friendly, light-hearted, warm, supportive environment, with the emphasis on experimentation and playfulness. Supporting materials are excellent. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. If you’re looking for Hypnotherapy & NLP skills and qualifications, your search is over. Good decision!

Haider Imam – So In Flow Ltd, Award Winning Achievement Coach

Nigel runs a course packed with practical exercises, with an emphasis on learning-by-doing this is a course which teaches skills and builds confidence. Run with humour and energy the Clinical Hypnotherapy course is informative, engaging and enjoyable. For anyone wanting to build on their NLP skills and learn to use trance and hypnosis in their therapeutic work I would heartily recommend this course.

Simon Stanton – Retail Change Manager and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Nigel Hetherington – Communicating excellence specialist par excellence and much, much more!  We have never experienced a more popular, entertaining and skillful trainer than the great Nigel Hetherington.  He will make you feel fantastic from the inside, to the outside, and everywhere in between.”

Paul Cosens – Canary Wharf NLP Community

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