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Hypnotherapy Newcastle Bullshit Adds

The war in Ukraine is horrendous, its horrible, horrific and disgusting and people, good people are dying. This is not to be brushed under the carpet like Boris Johnson’s Party Gate fiasco, that deep visceral disgust that we feel when we know its all lies and deception. It’s not like a google add for a hypnotherapist that claims ( without any evidence ) a 98% – What? – yes 98% success rate with anxiety. 100% positive feedback? This is bullshit hypnotherapy Newcastle. 7th March 2022.

This, this, even for the anosmic doesn’t pass the sniff test. This gets better in the worst sense. These are web pages and google add’s which I seriously doubt the hypnotherapists wrote themselves, as I believe them to be very skilled and honorable people but they have used a marketing firm that makes what I consider to be disgusting misinformation.

What does it mean to be “Harley Street Trained”. I know people who rented a post box address in Harley Street so it would add some kudos to their business but that old boat sailed away long ago as a Persian fleet wrecked at Salamis.

Here is a difference. I don’t make ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims to be 100% sure to be able to help you for Hypnotherapy Newcastle. I do and will work with you to my best ability for you to get the changes you want. This will always be effortful for you. Have you ever attained anything without some effort?

When you want a serious commitment to your goals and outcomes I will help to the best of my abilities. Get the no bullshit assistance you need and the aftercare and follow up you deserve.

Clinical Hypnotherapy in Hexham and Newcastle upon Tyne. Online and in person you can choose.