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Newcastle Hypnotherapy Helping To Restore Peace of Mind

When psychological peace is lost, hypnotherapy or any psychological assistance can help you to regain you psychological well being. For the most part we all take good health as a highly desirable trait. The same is true for psychological health.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle can help you regain your psychological peace and wellbeing. But there is a dual responsibility for this. This means you owe it to yourself to be actively involved in your own positive change work because your involvement is you actively engaging to heal yourself.

Newcastle Hypnotherapy Peace Of Mind

We commonly call psychological wellbeing Peace Of Mind. When we worry excessively or are trapped in negative thought patterns feeling the world or even someone is out to cause us sincere harm we recognise these as indications that our peace of mind has been polluted and disturbed.

Some common factors that can cause a loss of psychological health are worry, depression and any excess in emotional stressors. While many factors can seem to be external and environmental, it is mostly how a person, that is you my friend, copes or deals with the rich and varied textures of life, how they are internalised.


It is easy to give a neurological explanation of how or why we can feel down, depressed, worried or tend towards negative thoughts about ourselves, others or our world, yet this in a large proportion of cases is linked to how we are responding to our thinking. Who we think we are and what we should be doing. Keep reading because this is going to become a little more transparent.

Our bodies, physically are perfectly adapted to physical stressors. Be caught up in a natural disaster, chased by a pack of dogs or even being in a war zone, our bodies should have a massive stress response to help save our life. Lots of stress hormones and hyper alertness.


We can create the same type of bodily response psychologically. That means that when we habitually over ‘think’ or ‘worry’ the frontal cortex ( a bit of the brain that is all about social conditioning and ‘why’ we should behave a certain way ) does some stuff that in essence creates a serious problem for us. That is our thoughts and thinking negatively affect our emotions and how we feel.

How we cope with adversity as well as opportunity is massively influenced by how our thoughts and imagination are focused constructively or conversely left to run wild and create psychological havoc. The limbic system can be tricked by our own thinking into believing the scenarios and thoughts are physically real.


Hypnotherapy can be an ideal solution because this is about having your thoughts and thinking guided in ways that can turn your thinking into positive and supportive tool to help maintain your psychological wellbeing and that means to help restore your peace of mind.

We are all encouraged to live in healthy ways. Eat good food, do some exercise and enjoy the odd lazy dayeating cheese cake. In moderation all of these activities are salubrious. Salubrious means health giving and health promoting.

It is a great idea yet, to me, it is not anyway so simple for peace of mind because psychological wellbeing is not dependent on eating healthy and taking some exercise. These two elements of good nutrition and exercise are certainly key factors in good mental health but they are not by any means the most significant or impactful.

The most significant and impactful skills you can learn ( and with practice master ) are the ones that you use yourself to shape your negative thoughts into positive ones than change your emotional state for the better.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle offers psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to help you restore lost peace of mind.

You see a physician when your physical wellbeing is lost or damaged and you can consider seeing a mental health professional such as a counsellor or clinical hypnotherapist when your psychological wellbeing is not the way you want it to be. Take action to regain your peace of mind.