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Cancer Care Hypnotherapy in Newcastle

Cancer Care Hypnotherapy in Newcastle and Hexham for the psychological support you want, you need and you deserve. For you your family and friends. Lets work together so you can find some peace of mind.

Having a potential cancer diagnosis has always scared the living shit out of me. This has happened three times in my life and doing nothing is worse than doing something and facing it head on. That makes the next steps clearer and knocks out a hell of a lot of anxiety. To me it was still very, very scary.

One of my clients who was given a terminal cancer diagnosis saw a psychologist who asked them ‘how does that make you feel?’ They really did not appreciate that question at that time as I am sure you can imaging. This is not personalised.

That kind of basic first year counseling question lacks any kind of empathy and demonstrates a serious lack of experience. Come on, two children, married and being told your diagnosis is terminal.

Before you watch this video that is shared with permission I want to make this absolutely clear that I am not in any way suggesting hypnosis can cure cancer. That is disgraceful to even suggest this. What I will offer you is my best hypnotherapy experience to help you with the reality you are experiencing.

This is from Mark Simons who’s youtube channel ‘BEARDED NERDY OAF’ with many video posts as ‘The Cancer Chronicles’ is really worth watching. He is truly inspirational.

My commitment to you is prioritising your professional health care plan together with your personalised psychological wellbeing. This is both for a terminal diagnosis or an anticipated complete and full cure to live every drop of your life as well as you can.

Get in touch for a conversation if you or your partner need support for cancer care hypnotherapy in Newcastle or Hexham. There is also the option to do this online. Whatever is better for you.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle for you, your cancer and your psychological wellbeing. Call me 0770 481 8467. Get in touch.