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FREE NLP and Hypnosis Video

Newcastle Hypnotherapy offers more than 100 free educational videos about NLP and Hypnosis from Nigel Hetherington. Ranging from hypnosis demonstrations to therapeutic change process’s.

Click here to watch 65 plus free Hypnosis and NLP videos on YouTube from Nigel Hetherington.


A collection of hypnosis audio’s to help you in a variety of different ways. All completely free for you to download and add to your mp3 player or make an audio CD. Times range from about 30 minutes to one hour for each audio.

Relaxation & HEALING

Home life, work life, family life in fact life in general can be extremely stressful. Here are three different hypnotic audio recordings designed to help you relax, find your centre and become calm. Listen as often as required.

Please use these in a responsible and safe way and only listen when it is safe to do so.

Move your mouse over the mp3 icon. On the top right corner, click the arrow and you will have the option to either listen online or for a better effect, you can download these audio’s to your computer and mp3 players and listen at your leisure.


When you are aligning your own goals it is crucially important to have a somatic sense of connection that is a felt sense of desire and motivation. Having this felt sense of connection to your goals is one of the deciding factors in both separating pipe dreams from a genuine serious undertakings creating the motivation that can propel you to take action.

Approximately 30 minute audio to assist you in getting a felt sense of your goals and keying into your deeper motivations.

Weight Loss

Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best? Here is a short document about how to get a better attitude towards weight loss.  Lose weight with simple yet effective ways to change your eating habits. If you would like a series of hints and tips about Weight Loss Attitude please click here.

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