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Hypnotherapy Newcastle Fasting and Weight Loss Psychology

When you are considering exploring fasting to help you become healthier and or lose weight, you might be considering help with the psychological aspects, of which there are many. Hypnotherapy Newcastle Fasting and Weight Loss has experience and tools to help you help yourself. Here I will document my experience of a five day fast earlier this month.

Fasting is by no means new. In-fact fasting has been around a very long time. Recently, lets say the last five years, people have been using it to improve health and wellbeing. But for our distant hunter gatherer ancestors, lets say over one million years ago, fasting was part of their natural lifestyle. After all, there were no supermarkets with as much processed food as they could eat.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle Fasting and Weight Loss

I have been experimenting for several years with my diet and with low key fasting. The low key fasting took the form of finishing eating at lunch time, in my case by 2pm and fasting until breakfast around 6am. These are mini fasts of sixteen hour fasts.

This month, July 2018, I completed a five day fast. I will give the details of my experience below. For me this had nothing to do with weigh loss or even an outcome of the well documented health benefits, of which it seems can be huge. This for me was solely about finding out what happens.  In case you are wondering, yes, I did lose weight.

My experiment in fasting came about by happy accident, amor fati. My friend loaned me a book called ‘The Complete Guide to Fasting – Fung and Moore’ which is a really useful source of information. After reading this I was toying with the idea of a prolonged fast for a couple of weeks and then decided to do what I could. To transfer book knowledge to personal know how. Two entirely different things.

Firstly, for me, when I started, and I think this is important for you, when you are considering a prolonged fast, is I had no attachment to making it through the five days. If I felt hungry, I was going to continue. If at any point I felt unwell the fast would stop. This is the simple and correct advice from TCGF book.

Having completed my five day fast, I can say there is a kind of required mind-body outlook or a psychology that having done this myself Hypnotherapy Newcastle Fasting and Weight Loss will be able to offer useful tools and techniques to help you. OK, so this is how a five day fast panned out for me.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle Fasting and Weight Loss : Fast Diary

During my fast, I continued my normal behaviours. There was no interruption to a usual working week or natural toilet habits, peeing and pooping all through the five days, which was a little surprising! I weighed myself each day at the same time to see what weight loss was happening.

  1. Sunday. This was mostly OK.  I had a meal out with friends on Saturday evening. I felt hungry several times throughout the day. Part of this has to do with my natural eating cycles where anticipatory insulin is released in anticipation of a meal. I had a couple of cups of coffee and creme ( the only way to have coffee ) and plenty of water.
  2. Monday. Again I was hungry at times but not so much as Sunday. I went for a long walk as I don’t work Mondays. Again I drank coffee and creme and drank water. I was thinking about food for Thursday. I was thinking of making rabbit stew for fast breaking.
  3. Tuesday. Hunger sensations mostly gone, I felt hungry once. I walked in the morning and I attended a really interesting safe guarding and solution focused therapy workshop in the afternoon. Still pooping and peeing as normal which was a little surprising as there was no food intake.
  4. Wednesday. I had a little diarrhea in the morning, good to share! No sensations of hunger through the day. I drank coffee and creme and water. I met a friend in the morning and had client work in the afternoon. I  was thinking about food though not hungry. Since beginning my fast I have lost just under half a stone.
  5. Thursday. I went for a walk and enjoyed a relaxed morning. Throughout the day I experienced extended feelings and sensations of a kind of at-one-ness. I bought rabbit to make the stew I fantasied over much earlier. I didn’t do much today than read as I had no calls or clients to see. When the stew was ready, about 8pm, I have a handful of almonds and brazil nuts. The advice in TCGF book suggest to break a fast with a very light, very small meal. They tasted very good. The rabbit stew smelt amazing, ready for food! As I was removing the meat from the rabbit carcass I became dizzy, felt sick and began sweating. I lay on the cool floor in my kitchen until it passed, About five minutes. I continued removing the rabbit meat and again, I felt dizzy, sick and was sweating. After another five minutes on the floor, I got up and finished finishing the stew. I still felt sickly. I went to bed. I got up around 1am in the morning and had two bowls of rabbit stew. It was delicious, really delicious. I went back to bed. I got up at 5am and had another bowl of rabbit stew.
  6. Friday. Fasting finished. My day was walking in the morning, client calls and seeing clients. Back to my usual eating.

What I have learned from my experience of fasting is my normal routine stays normal. I can report non of the ‘increased’ clarity of thought that is commonly reported by people fasting but what was lush, was …

On Thursday, I can report I felt something in abundance, prolonged periods of feeling very connected with my immediate environment, a sense of at-one-ness, what in Greek is called eleutheria, which translates to a kind of freedom or liberty as a whole bodily experience. This for me was the pinnacle surprise gift of fasting.

Since my five day fast I have completed several 24 hour fasts with ease. I do intend to do another 5 or more day fast in the near future. In all it was for me a very good and useful experience.

You can contact Hypnotherapy Newcastle Fasting and Weight Loss to discuss how I can be of service to you during any fasting you are considering exploring for yourself.

Helpful Suggestions for Fasting from Hypnotherapy Newcastle Fasting and Weight Loss

  • Before starting a fast, If you have any doubts, check with your doctor. It’s important. There are conditions that are not good to be doing fasting with.
  • Read as much as you can. Talk with people who have actually done a prolonged fast.
  • Ignore the ‘helpful’ advice of people who in essence know nothing about it.
  • Get the head-mind set of no attachment to completing a certain number of days. Not making a said number of days, even if it is less than one, will give you valuable information and knowledge that you can use for any future fasting. It’s a learning curve.
  • Finally, counter intuitively, having done your research, ignore all of that and have your own personal experience.

If you are considering a prolonged fast, for health, weight loss or just to see what happens, then do contact Hypnotherapy Newcastle Fasting and Weight Loss for help and assistance with your psychology during fasting.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Newcastle

Many times each year there is yet another new diet, a celebrity endorsed weight program or a miracle new dieting drug that effects your appetite. These will often work for a short period of time which is probably attributed to the Hawthorne Effect. Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Newcastle can help.

The Hawthorne effects comes from a series of psychological experiments to do with efficient of workers in a factory. The lights were dimmed and efficiency increased. The lights were made brighter and efficiency increased. Was it because the staff were being observed or the subject of a study? Who knows, it didn’t last. The changes were temporary.

Newcastle Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

Back to weight loss. Just about any new fad diet, if you’ve bought into it, you are going to be highly motivated to stick to it and initially it’s highly likely you will see and feel some difference. Then its likely that a couple of things are going to happen. With Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Newcastle I will get to these two in a paragraph or two.

Habits are usually very good things to have, when they serve us well. Good habits usually save time, like you don’t need to look round the kitchen cupboards every time you want to make a cup of tea whilst worrying where the kettle and cups are. You got that one nailed, you know it.

Same thing with habits that you want to change. In this instance over eating, eating the kinds of foods that will store fat or addressing any stressors in your life that are temporarily fixed by comfort eating. Perhaps you are thinking of getting married or going on a holiday.

Why You Want To Lose Weight

The majority of people who want to lose weight are not doing this for health reasons though this is a very good reason. Being overweight can contribute to all manner of problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, high cholesterol you name it isn’t good. All of these indicators are signs of Metabolic Syndrome when any and all of these diseased can occur.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Newcastle

The main reason people seem to want to lose weight is to feel better about yourself, have more self esteem and turn you life around. You may also believe it will change how other people see you – right?

Changing habits requires effort and a steady commitment that is both realistic and enjoyable to do or at least not a chore. This requires long term commitment and patient time.

After The Initial Success

Earlier I mentioned that two things are likely to happen after the novelty diet or program wears off.

In no particular order though this is likely the first one, the weight stops coming off and you hit a plateau and your motivational effort goes walk about.

The habits or reasons ( there are many as discussed above ) creep back in such as the reasons you put excess weight on in the first place having never been dealt with or the stressors in you life increase and old habit come walking back in the door, makes itself comfortable and pops open a tub of ice cream.

The body under life’s changing load is attempting to maintain homeostasis. That means the body within some tolerance likes things the way it is. As weight comes off it is natural to stop for a while as a plateau until an new setpoint of weight minus fat can become normal.

This is where its essential to re-examine your motivations and be patient knowing you are continuing to do excellent work, making your new effortful habits become unconscious habits.

Well Informed Eating

This is a very important point that really can’t be overstated. Knowing which macro nutrients will assist in fat storage is essential. The vast majority of The Obesity Epidemic ( see Zoe Harcombe’s excellent book ) can be traced to dietary change in Western World with the advance of processed foods and lobbyist produced very poor governmental advice.

This ranges from advice to eat starchy foods ( carbohydrate sugar ), avoid saturated fats, mindless empty calories of soft drinks and all of the processed food that is available.

Well informed eating is all about eating whole foods. This has nothing to do with raw food smoothies or juicing everything with yogurt. It is ( ideally preparing ) whole foods such as meat, fish and nuts for protein. Cooking with and including natural saturated fats like butter and a little vegetables for carbohydrates.

The bread and butter of fat storage is bread and butter. The body is not going to be storing fat without the presence of sugar ( carbohydrates ). Eat some sugar the pancreas will release insulin ( the hormone of fat storage ) and any excess energy in your blood glucose will be stored away in two distinct phases.

Firstly excess glucose is converted to glycogen which is stored in the muscles and liver as an energy source which is not fat ( adipose tissue) . When there is no more room in the muscles and liver then and only then is any excess energy being stored away as fat.

When there is not enough circulating glucose in the blood then the opposite happens. Glycogen in the liver and muscles is converted to glucose – and the energy crisis is adverted. Need more energy this is when fat cells give up their  winter store and is converted into the much required homeostatic glucose balance.

So clearly in order to be burning fat there is going to have to be an excess load on your body which can range from mental tasks ( yes the brain can use huge amounts of energy ) to walking for exercise. Take your pick.

Simply put weight loss and keeping it off is about eating in ways that are not promoting a great deal of fat storage, doing some exercise all be it mild like walking – I have no desire to be doing circuit training or swimming 50 laps a day and crucially staying motivated.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Newcastle can help you get very connected and motivated in both losing weight and more importantly keeping it off and it will require effort on your behalf. There are a lot more aspects of the psychology of weight loss than mention in this article that will be shared with my clients.

If you would like to arrange a free consultation regarding weight loss hypnotherapy in Newcastle follow these instructions to get your questionnaire completed and returned to start making positive changes now.


Could Dieting and Weight Loss Cure Type 2 Diabetes? Newcastle Hypnotherapy

In a recent article in the Telegraph, research from Newcastle University is suggestive that Type 2 diabetes could be cured by weight loss in the body mass which includes weight loss in the pancreas itself. This is a fascinating prospect because there are huge numbers of people in the UK that have Type 2 diabetes which is caused by several factors ( collectively know as metabolic syndrome ) and one large contributor is being over weight.

There are more than a few potential problems that can be caused by being overweight. One of these is Type 2 diabetes. This is essentially where the pancreas has stopped or severely lowered insulin production due to fat cells being full to the brim and unable to accept any more fat to be stored.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle Weight Loss

Initially the pancreas increases the amount of insulin ( insulin is the hormone that promotes fat storage ) but the insulin receptors, weary of being canvased way too much, stop receiving calls.

When we eat carbohydrate ( sugars ) a normal functioning pancreas will start to drip out our hormone insulin into the blood stream. Now in the presence of fat and carbohydrate ( think of a delicious slice of gooey chocolate cake ) there is the potential, due to insulin, to store fat should there be any excess of energy.

This is all well and good and it makes sense to store away any excess energy ( as fat ) should be fall on hard times of energy shortage in the future. The problems begin when there is no more capacity to store fat.

Some Possible Reasons For Being Overweight

The most obvious two are eating to much of the foods that store fat and in additions not doing enough exercise to maintain a healthy weight. These are the cursory reasons though. Lets explore what may be behind this.

A simple and totally reflective way of thinking about this is that its our old habits and coping mechanisms. Its the ways ( through no fault of our own ) have learned to deal with the natural stresses in our life. This is another way to describe how we individually deal with psychological stress.

Hypnotherapy is one way to re-learn and create new alternative, more of that later. Remember old habits are just learned ways of coping and reactive to the problems and situations we all face.

Psychological stressors can make our bodies ( and minds ) feel like we are responding to an actual physical stressor. They are markedly different yet can have the same affects on our body-mind.

One of the body responses to stress is the activation of our HPA Axis. Let me introduce you to the HPA Axis.  Hypothalamus – Pituitary – Adrenal Axis. This is the brain-gland response which releases glucose into the blood during a crisis.

We need extra and rapid energy to give us the strength to run or even fight. This is about rapid mobilisation of energy. This takes several seconds from the onset of a stressor to release the hormone cortisol that makes more blood glucose available and that equates to more available energy.

Stop to think about this. How often do many people become stressed during the day and how long do these episodes last? Also if we are not exercising or running off any excess energy, adrenaline and nervous energy, there is a lot of floating energy in the tank and its not getting used. It has to go back into storage.

Now add this in to the equations some two thirds of people crave sugary foods after being stressed. Being stressed and / or old habits could easily be seen as mechanisms for pilling on the weight.

What Can Be Done To Lose Weight?

Having both a knowledge and understanding of how certain foods combine to store fat is important. This is now very available material and consists of knowing the three basic food groups and knowing how fat is stored. This alone will probably not set you free though it is certainly possible it can!

For a long term solution I suggest a multi-faceted approach.

1. Understand the triggers or motivations which can lead to less that healthy eating. Realising these are most likely a form of stressor you can take appropriate actions to alleviate them.

2. Delving deep into yourself, discovering the real reasons for wanting to lose weight, keep it off and make important life changes. Losing weight in my experience is never just to lose weight.

3. Exploring how hypnotherapy may be a key to you accessing your deepest and most potent resources to actually make the kinds of lasting changes needed.

5. Consider some form of exercise. Many forms of exercise actually promote positive stress where the bodies general well being, immune system and health are actively nurtured.

6. Taking active and positive responsibility to affect changes, often with the help of a professional.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Hypnotherapy has the potential to help you both access your deeper resources and creativity to make your own self determined new ways of being.

When you are interested and invested in changing your life style and are willing to make an effortful commitment to make this happen, please give me a call on 0770 481 8467 or send me a direct email to arrange a free consultation.



Stress, Newcastle Hypnotherapy and Better Health

Stress in it’s many forms has become synonymous with many parts of normal every day life. Unpredictable future, unpredictable employment, moving house, changing jobs, divorce and even stress from commuting to and from work.

Prolonged stress can weaken our immune system and in some cases cause our health to fail catastrophically. Stress has strong links to comfort eating high carbohydrate food which can over time lead to diabetes and even metabolic syndrome.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle Jesmond

Becoming irate many times throughout the day equates to activating our stress response many times throughout the day. Each activation, each time you get angry, anxious or simply wound up activates the sympathetic nervous system.

The crazy thing is many aspects of life we get annoyed with are either way beyond our control or simply not rationally justified or even worth it anyway. Here are some examples of what people, can and do get wound up over.

  • Incorrect spelling / Partner fidelity
  • Lack of communication / Cold calling
  • Cars ‘parked’ on double yellow lines / Dirty washing on the floor
  • Long telephone waiting on call centres / Queues at the supermarket

When we get agitated for ( to some ) these unavoidable aspects of life, our heart rate increases, our bodies dribble adrenaline into our blood, our blood pressure increases and most of the time for no life threatening reason at all.

Do this kind of activation of your bodies stress response throughout the day and you are literally experiencing many small scale stressors all day long. If you are really worrying many times during the day you are doing the same thing with your body. You are activating your sympathetic nervous system.

Stress and Your Health

There was an interesting study linking excessive stress to a reduction in the body’s immune system. Volunteers were squirted up the nose with the common cold virus at the UK common cold unit. Those exposed to more stress were three times as likely to develop a cold. Excess stress weakens our immune system.

People who undergo great stress have a tendency to seek out high carbohydrate foods. Interestingly these foods do have the effect of lowering stress and making us feel good in the short term. This can over time be a contributor to type 2 diabetes in certain circumstances.

Exercise is an excellent way to combat stress though many stress people are too stressed to exercise. Lack of exercise, poor diet and lots of stress are a good formula for either diabetes, hypertension and even heart problems. A few of these conditions can lead to metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is a grouping of heart attack ‘risk factors’. The primary ones being abdominally overweight, hypertension and high LDL cholesterol. Neither one of these ‘symptoms’ on its own is a predictor of cardiovascular disease it is when these symptoms are experienced together as risk factors.

You can check this our for yourself by way of your own experience. If you are chronically stressed, overweight or worrying excessively how is your health? How are your eating habits? What is your blood pressure? Do you exercise?

Hypnotherapy Newcastle for Health

One of the most obvious benefits of hypnotherapy is the relaxation aspect. When we relax the sympathetic ( stress ) nervous system is switched over to the parasympathetic system of rest and relax.

In parasympathetic mode our heart rate slows, blood pressure drops and our bodies are more capable of healing.

If being overweight is an issue and you have a habit of comfort eating hypnotherapy can help you change your habits in eating and help you to address the issues that you are comfort eating to ease.

Hypnotherapy can help you with :

  • Anxiety and worry
  • Weight loss and better eating habits
  • Coping with stressors

For a complementary consultation call Nigel on 0770 481 8467. Please leave the minimal details of your name, number and a brief outline of what you would like help and assistance with.


Metabolic Syndrome Hypnotherapy Newcastle

Metabolic Syndrome also know as Syndrome X is predicted to be the single most devastating disease in the West by 2020.  It is estimated now that around one quarter of the world adult population has Metabolic Syndrome.

Hypnotherapy for Metabolic Syndrome can be an affective treatment for the psychological aspects and potentially some of the physical symptoms as well.

Metabolic Syndrome Hypnotherapy

Image from

Metabolic Syndrome is a collection or cluster of symptomatology for various conditions that are reasonably good but not absolute, predictors of serious cardiovascular disease to come. These include but are not confined to :

  • Obesity
  • Insulin Resistance ( bordering type 2 diabetes )
  • Hypertension ( high blood pressure )
  • Dyslipidemia ( high blood cholesterol )

The word ‘syndrome’ means “the association of several clinically recognizable features, often occurring together, so that the presence of one or more features alerts the healthcare provider to the possible presence of the others.” Suggesting that if a person has one or two of these symptoms, they are likely heading to collect the full house.

Suppose you have high insulin levels raising the bad cholesterol ( LDL ) and you are well overweight. You are probably heading towards type 2 diabetes. Have Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol and high blood pressure chances are you are a short bus ride away from being obese.

Having Metabolic Syndrome, one or more of the four indicators, and statistically you are three times as likely to have a stroke or heart attack than someone who hasn’t. You are also twice as likely to die that someone who hasn’t. Its all scary stuff with a pretty bleak outlook.

Biological and Psychological Components Metabolic Syndrome

A lot of not getting Syndrome X in the first place has to do with life style and attitudes to life. Hypnotherapy for Metabolic Syndrome can have several directed approaches to assist in changing the behaviours and attitudes that would seem to create Metabolic Syndrome.

  • Weight Loss
  • Managing the Stress Response
  • Change of Lifestyle
  • Motivation

No one is born with Syndrome X. A sedentary lifestyle, little exercise and a diet of processed ready meals are massive contributing factors. Now add in a life filled with stress and we have all the ingredients in abundance as a massive vector for developing Metabolic Syndrome.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Metabolic Syndrome

Hypnotherapy probably won’t change your genetics if you are predisposed to some aspects of Syndrome X that are inherited. But understand that being genetically more likely to develop Metabolic symptoms does not mean a person will. Environment,lifestyle and personal history are the real impactors.

When a person is stress regularly there are adverse health affects. Regular and over the top activation of the sympathetic nervous system seems to cause atherosclerosis by way of having regular and too much glucose and triglicerides in the blood. Hypertension can also be cause by way too much stress response.

Stressed people at least two thirds eat more carbohydrates. Eating as a stress response will most likely lead to obesity and Type 2 diabetes. So there is some very real and clear evidence that stress of a psychological nature can lead to many of the symptoms of Syndrome X.

The possibilities of using hypnotherapy to help with Metabolic Syndrome would be in helping you change the problematic and unhealthy attitudes, behaviours and ways of managing out of proportions stress response.

Hypnotherapy in Newcastle  for help with Metabolic Syndrome psychological factors. Call Nigel on 0770 481 8467 for a complementary consultation.