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Hypnotherapy for Depression in Newcastle

If you are considering getting professional help with Hypnotherapy for Depression in Newcastle there are some useful things you can do for yourself before making an appointment.

The term Depression is both a medical diagnosis and a word that we all use that means something considerably different to a diagnosed condition. One of the more useful distinctions you can make is knowing the difference between normal depression and real clinical depression.

Hypnotherapy for Depression in Newcastle

Normal Depression Is, Well, Normal

People perhaps like you will often say they are depressed when the light nights come to and end and the clocks go back one hour.  People can report feeling depressed going back to work after a holiday, think school teachers who have comparatively longer holidays than most.

Depression is categorised as a response to loss. Loss can mean losing a job, a partner, a favored pet, a loved one or even your home. How people respond to this is called depression. Depression is a normal response to loss. This is called a reactive depression and will, given time usually sort itself out. The joy’s in your life will return.

When depression is not normal, and the symptoms are lasting a long time, more than two weeks ( actually I think ‘normal’ depression can last far, far longer ) you may be considering hypnotherapy for depression in Newcastle.

Clinical depression symptoms can vary widely and may include an inability to feel pleasure ( anhedonia ), lack of ability to move and function ( psycho-motor retardation ) and suicidal ideation. The Samaritans are good to call for the latter.

So making the distinction between normal depression and clinical depression will best be done not just by yourself, after all you are the best person to know yourself. But by seeing your doctor and exploring the options they can present you with.

I am no strong favorite of anti-depression medication except in the most extreme cases where they really can help. It is a frightening statistic that there were 64 million prescriptions for anti depressants in the UK in 2016.  There is also research that states anti depressants are about as effective as a placebo.

Hypnotherapy for Depression in Newcastle

When you are looking to explore a psychological approach to assisting you out of your depression and appreciating getting the colour back in your life, it will be a good positive step in the right direction to helping yourself.

Loss can be difficult to overcome on your own. Seeking professional hypnotherapy Newcastle can make the crucial difference in your recovery, helping you both find new meanings and resuscitating the enjoyment that can be found in abundance in life.

You can find out if you would like me to work with you as the relationship between client and hypnotherapist is an incredibly important aspect of working together and you making the kinds of changes you need to make.

You can arrange a free consultation by completing and returning the questionnaire or calling 0770 481 8467 and leaving your name, telephone number and a brief message.