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Hypnotherapy Newcastle Confidence

When you are wanting of needing some extra confidence in a particular area of your life, contact Hypnotherapy Newcastle Confidence for a free telephone consultation to see how I can help you.

It’s important when deciding to increase your confidence to make sure any new increases are balanced with a good measure of competence. You probably won’t be surprised too much when you know that once you have competence in a skill the confidence naturally increases.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle Confidence

Building and creating competence actually requires a broad depth of both being able to and making many mistakes. That’s right, mistakes or ‘learning in progress’ requires time, practice and a certain comfort in making the right kind of mistakes. This is simply practice.

I work with a wide range of people form business professionals wanting to deliver a new proposal to senior members of a firm to happy fathers needing to do the most amazing of wedding speeches. In this I am your coach to help and assist you to express your ideas, sincerity or land a new job.

Now, in hypnosis, just like in dreams, time is very plastic. A great deal of hypnotic practice can be completed in a relativity short time. And modern neuroscience happily confirms that the same synaptic pathways that are used in real world practice are activated when you imagine doing something.

One of the key factors in such imaginative rehearsal is temporarily dropping any and all self critical factors so you can bath in doing a new or developing skill in such a way as you are free to flow. And then, yes a positive critique can be useful as a tool for more distinguished practice in the future. Always building with hypnotherapy Newcastle confidence and competence.

Now, once you have developed some skill relative to your own realistic expectations and noticing improvement, there may still be the confidence factor you want and need. Coming from a place of competence and still lacking confidence with the requirement of some kind of performance is generally the causative being critical inner talk while performing.

Inner critical thoughts while being a disturbance and generation of anxiety is well intentioned but completely at the wrong time. Imagine if you could switch of the trouble of problem inner chat? Have that potentially useful conversation with yourself afterwards and sharpen your skills even more? Would that be useful? I think so.

When you want to be competent and confident in a specific area of your life, contact Hypnotherapy Newcastle Confidence and we will arrange a free telephone consultation to discover how you can perform at your best.

Use the ‘Booking A Therapy Session‘ to download the questionnaire, return this with as much detail as possible and we can start creating a better future for you. Take the first steps sooner rather that later.