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Fear of Failure : Newcastle Hypnotherapy

When you have the competing feelings and thoughts that are so conflicting, you want to do something and at the same time your fears are holding you back then you are likely looking for help with your fear of failure with hypnotherapy Newcastle.

By not even attempting something you feel you want to attain, you are setting yourself up for a future where your dreams lie in the dying embers of “I wish I had done that back then but instead made up excuses not to.” This is a road to unhappiness and a life not lived so well; and the flowers of your possibilities are dead.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle - Fear of Failure

Fear of failure has many flavours. Some of which are “what will the neighbours think?’, “If I fail I am going to be depressed.”, “I knew it wouldn’t work.”, “I will be a laughing stock.” and the list goes on, like one of those troublesome menus with over 100 options. Too many options, which can cause stagnation of choice.

Fear in the world of biology and psychology is a bodily response, a stress response, to some imminent or present danger to your life. In most cases, but not all, fear of failure is a psychological, that is created in your mind-imagination, generated feeling based on certain beliefs, imaginations and the history of you.

When you really do want to move forward and get help for fear of failure with hypnotherapy Newcastle we will begin with exploring your doubts and fears in some detail to establish a deep understanding of how such doubts and fears were learned and how to go about re-evaluating and changing what is currently holding you back.

When you consider your own situation, which no one knows better that you, you will probably have the sense that you are in two minds about it. This is the conflicting experience of unconscious and conscious emotions and thoughts with neither one absorbing and acknowledging the other, a bit like the current UK governments disastrous inner divisions.

Fear of failure is like being a war with yourself, having a divided conscience, and as any Buddhist will affirm, this is crazy and it needs to be resolved.

As a thought experiment, which is precisely what fear of failure is, how would it feel to have resolved your inner conflict to either letting your dream dissolve like mist in a sunny morning or setting of on your adventure with the sense of choicelessness as Krishnamurti puts it, knowing this is the correct, the only action to be taking?

Imagine that, going ahead with your dream, having left that old fear of failure behind, discarded and replaced with something else? It’s liberating.

Often the pursuit of such dreams seems to be an all or nothing approach, which I think is crazy. In the realising of your own motivations many people keep their day job, like Spinoza, grinding lenses and writing his works and passions in the evening. This is a step wise and bold approach. You can get help for fear of failure with hypnotherapy Newcastle right away.

You really don’t have to do it all at once. In his excellent book Buddha Standard Time, Surya Das tells his story of being asked to recruit and teach a large number of students by his dying teacher. He found this overwhelming until his friend suggested that being a Buddhist Das didn’t need to complete this all in his current lifetime. Simply doing what you can is good enough!

Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench. Care about other peoples approval and you will be their prisoner.” – Tao Te Ching

When you deeply realise, such whims as security, safety and indeed failure are at best psychological crutches you’re going to discover something that resides in all people and especially you. You can go through this life following what Campbell calls the Right Hand Path, where you will follow what society has imprinted upon you.

Or you can follow the Left Hand Path, or your own true path, where you create your own successes and failures and continue in this theme where its relevant to you realising and creating your own destiny. On this path, you may not live a respected life but you will have the adventures and experiences that are unique to you and you alone.

Your truth, your destiny is a pathless land that you can create as you go along.

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