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Bespoke Hypnosis Audio

Bespoke Hypnosis Audio created just for you, to your requirements and specifications. Ultra high value at a fraction of the cost of in person 1:1 therapy. Also with a custom made hypnosis audio, you can listen again and again, anytime you want. Make a great decision and a cost effective one too.

If you are anxious, depressed or more than worried about certain situations then a Personalised Hypnosis Audio could be a perfect solution because you can listen again and again and repetition is a wonderful for learning new habits and ways of behaving different to old established patterns.

Your Personalised Audio Hypnosis is made just for you. This means prior to recording you can let me know precisely what you want to change, any specific words or saying that you believe will benefit you and details that are uniquely relevant to you in achieving your goals.

Maybe you are more interested in improving your performance or being more confident in a specific situation. Feeling more confident while doing a presentation or sticking more regularly to a diet or exercise routine are prefect examples of how a Bespoke Hypnosis Audio could help you.

This is so easy to set in motion. Just a phone call or an email and we can arrange a time and day to suit you for a consultation so I totally get what it is you want. Following this you should have your bespoke hypnosis audio in around two days.Bespoke Hypnosis AudioBefore you make any decisions, it going to be useful for you to see for yourself what is available in the Bespoke Hypnosis Audio world. Check what you are paying and check what you get. I am sure I provided by far the best service. Don’t take my word, see for yourself.

As a relevant aside, the horrendous war in Ukraine, the disaster that is unfolding following Brexit and a government that seems so out of touch with the people like you and me they are supposed to represent is fueling Anxiety, depression and the ongoing mental health crisis.

I totally get there is a serious and likely to get worse cost of living catastrophe in the UK and around our planet too. This really does mean more and more people will require help and support during these very trying times. I hope you make a great decision and choose to get a low cost, ultra high value solution for yourself.

Your investment is £40. This includes a consultation as well as your unique mp3 audio which will be around forty five minutes to one hour.

Next steps are simple get in touch, complete a short consultation form and we can have your consultation.

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