Hypnotherapy in Jesmond – Newcastle – Trauma Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy in Jesmond – Newcastle – trauma hypnotherapy. For the help you want and the absolute service you need. This is all about you, the you that can be trauma free. I don’t do offers – you pay and invest in absolute service. When you choose to.

It’s fascinating that the definition of trauma has changed over time. It’s no longer a life challenging situation, it’s now what you experience and this is a good thing. Good because you define your own situation, not a medic or worse a book.

Some of the most famous, most up with actuality and from what I can see the best people working with people like you are the people I want to learn and study with. These Include Peter Lavine, Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges et all. The greats in the world of Trauma Release would be astounded at this alarmingly  dodgy sales practice.

None of this shit. 50% off for a limited time, 50% off sale ends tomorrow, 50% off sale end tonight and then – you guessed it a whole new sale at of course 50% off for a limited time.

I wanted to invest in an online training that could be passed on to you. This is a video of screen shots ( above ) from what I totally believe the best of the best have no knowledge that their work is being sold. Just dodgy marketing. Have a look.

Their genius and methods absolutely must be shared with to work with you. I despise dodgy web sites that pretend to pass on their genius with sales pitches that are blatantly false. That is the NICABM web site offering a generous discount for the genius I want to offer you in moving beyond your past.

Hypnotherapy in Jesmond – Newcastle – trauma hypnotherapy. When you need help I am here for you. Always. Help and assistance in Jesmond, Hexham and Gosforth and on line.

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