Trauma and Phobia Relief Hypnotherapy Newcastle

When you have had a traumatic experience, we can call this a phobic response, it tends to stick with you. Trauma and Phobia Relief Hypnotherapy Newcastle.

Trauma has a ever increasing range of descriptions and this is a good thing because what can be traumatic to you, is, after all only about you, and not someone else’s experience. Do you want trauma or phobia relief? Guess your answer is a definite yes.

I am going to share with you some thoughts and anecdotes and before that here is a ‘self help’ animation that might give you the tools to erase a problem emotion from a traumatic or phobic memory. You will still remember it and it wont feel the same way. You keep all the learning’s without the emotional pain.

Here is something for your consideration and it may not be easy to consider! The trauma you can remember and feel is not your fault. That is 100% true. You did not set out or by way of intention make this happen. It’s not your fault.

If I had had the life experience you had, been in the same situations and experienced the same trauma or phobic even you did, I would feel the exact same way too. This is precisely what I mean by ‘it’s not your fault’.

You could be in the exact same event as someone else and have a completely different response. This has everything to do with what happened, how your immediate environment before that event, your circulating hormones, seconds to minutes before, what you had happen to be doing in the weeks and months before, your teenage years, your birthing environment and your cultural history. It’s not your fault. ( see Robert Sapolsky’s TedX talk Behave ).

What you can do is do something about this now. I hope you can use the animation above to alleviate your traumatic or phobic response. If you need extra help do get some at Trauma and Phobia Relief Hypnotherapy Newcastle.

When you want to de-couple a traumatic or phobic emotion from the memory please do get in touch. Book a free consultation and see how you can move forwards. Newcastle Hypnotherapy for the change you need in your life.

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