Hypnotherapy Newcastle For Pain Control

Hypnotherapy Newcastle for pain control and relief you want, for the strategies you need and for the individual after care you deserve to manage your pain. Newcastle Hypnotherapy for Pain Control. Pain Control for you.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle for Pain Control

Our greatest traditions have shared our best morality and learning’s through parables and stories. Here is one about how you can both live with and manage you pain.

Firstly it’s essential you be real about what you are feeling. The Why’s are important and even more important please do get this checked with a medical professional before using this process. So lets get on with Hypnotherapy Newcastle For Pain Control.

Here is the Story …

Not having just about any dentistry check ups for over two years during our covid crisis I eventually got an appointment. I had some serious tooth sensitivity and having this checked at the dentist with nothing in essence wrong and still a great deal of sensitivity I did something else. Here is what I did and having your pain medically assessed you know there is nothing particularly wrong so you can go about changing your pain yourself.

Why Chronic Pain Happens

When you have chronic pain, your brain has essentially learned an unhelpful habit. The more you experience chronic pain, the more familiar this ‘pain habit’ becomes. A vicious circle. This is because your brain has learned to continue to use your pain circuit really well. And your ‘pain habit’ is unlearnable.

What You Can Do To Help Yourself

Whenever and wherever you feel pain, you need to act right away, every time. To do this visualise the part(s) of your body you feel pain outside of yourself, as though that body part is in front of you.

Visualise your body part larger than life and immediately imagine that part is getting colder/changing colour/comfortable in whatever ways you can.

Now shrink that body part, smaller by a half, a quarter to a pin head and then disappearing completely.

Take two deep breaths and repeat and repeat and repeat.

How Visualisation Works to Reduce Your Pain

The parts in your brains learned pain circuits are also part of your brains visual system so be effortly visualising while you are experiencing your pain you are ‘hijacking’ your learned pain pathways. It’s like when there are lots of people using the internet, it slows down or when lots of people are using the same water-main, the pressure drops.

What If It Feels Like This Is Not Working For You?

This will be extremely common and it will take time to rewire your brain. I didn’t feel any results with my achy tooth for about 3 days and it was around two weeks when the pain was gone. If my tooth is sensitive now, I repeat the process and doing this just twice has usually got the pain completely gone.

For individualised help managing your chronic pain using hypnotherapy Newcastle and additional methods to help you, get in touch as soon as you are ready. Hypnotherapy Newcastle For Pain Control

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