Hypnotherapy Jesmond Hypnotherapy for Self Esteem

If you are feeling your Self Esteem is low, you should know this is probably a lot more common than you think. Looking for Self Esteem Hypnotherapy in Jesmond, Newcastle can be a bit of a gamble as apart from me all of the hypnotherapists offering help with self esteem never define or describe what self esteem is.

Lots of people use the term Self Esteem and while it surely does have something to do with feelings, most have never really defined or worst understood what self esteem actually is. If you want to find out why my help is different, please read on.

Self Esteem Hypnotherapy in Jesmond - Newcastle

If you look at the picture above, this is Angela after losing a game of badminton. Ange loves to play badminton. In this game she has lost and is laughing with her friend. She has high self esteem in this moment and may not even know. Angela is too busy in the moment enjoying a moment after her badminton thrashing.

So if there is any lesson to be considered and there are plenty, self esteem has nothing to do with winning, nothing to do with success or anything to do with other peoples approval. So next I want to offer you a working definition of Self Esteem and also invite you to research hypnotherapist’ web site offering to help you with your self esteem to see if any such definition is offered.

When I looked at other hypnotherapy providers into Self Esteem Hypnotherapy in Jesmond, Newcastle I found none that offered any useful descriptions of self esteem. Here is a definition that is crucial.

Self Esteem Hypnotherapy in Jesmond – Defining Self Esteem

Self Esteem is the result of knowing what you value, what you like, what is important to you and THEN acting in ways that support those values. Its simple yet most people use the term self esteem and have no idea other that ‘it’s a feeling’ whatever that is supposed to mean.

Who Told You What Is Important To You?

Your values, those things, activities and connections you judge as important are to a frightening extent defining both who you are and how you should act.

And when those values ( what is important to you ) are never consciously understood or worse even why they are important in the first place, can have disastrous problematic consequences.

Problematic in the sense that you can feel worthless. But not even know why you have these feelings. Of course you know your feelings right?

Let’s explore a couple of examples :

One, Imagine you are very concerned with eating healthy foods, this is important to you. But for the last month or so you have been eating takeaways every day and you have put on some weight and you notice your skin is looking spotty.

This would be a cause of low self esteem. Why? Because you are not living in accord with one of your values. In this case eating healthily.

Another example is you value being compassionate and understanding. You have had a huge argument with a work colleague and later you discover that they have huge problems at home and they were completely in the wrong. You don’t apologise you don’t need to but something is bothering you.

You could apoligise even though you are in the right because you value being compassionate more than being right. Not making up could well be a cause of low self esteem.

Knowing Your Values for better Self Esteem

When you choose to come for Self Esteem Hypnotherapy in Jesmond, Newcastle we will explore exactly what values you are not living up. This is fairly straight forward and you will most likely know what these are.

You could explore what your values are and who if anyone you are comparing yourself against. Comparing your self to others is an easy way to create low self esteem and self worth issues. Advertising and social media generate massive profit from its victims this way.

You could also, if you feel you are acting against your values, actually be serving an even more important value yet not realise you are.

Following all of this we can work together so you can explore alternate behaviours and set realistic outcomes that will really satisfy your own personal values and get to living in ways that are complementary with what is genuinely important to you.

Next steps are emailing or calling click here Booking a Therapy Session to get the ball rolling and start living your life happier and with better self esteem.



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