PsychoSomatic Secrets of How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off with Hypnotherapy

When you read the word psychosomatic in relation to weight loss, what does that conjurer up for you? Psycho relates to the internal thoughts and emotions we all can feel. Somatic relates to your body and physical sensations. Together these will massively effect your ability to lose weight and keep it off long term.

Before You Read On – Weight Loss is Not About Weight Loss

Weight loss is not about weight loss – it’s about what happens from the results! Passing an exam or a driving test is not about passing the test its about the freedom and possibilities that arise from that result.

Pleas ask yourself why is it you want to lose weight and what purpose will losing and maintaining a healthy weight serve for you? Your reasoning will become important because I use hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic methods here in Newcastle to help you with the psychological aspects of weight loss.

When you become aware of your own deeper motivations and the real reasons you will most likely discover something that can be incredibly empowering and lasting in your own life. You also need to know the effects of certain foods in relations to weight loss. There is a free paper at the end of this post that offers this valuable information.

Weight Gain – Your Environment and Your Psychology

When you have a problem remaining the right weight and ruling out medical conditions it is easy to say there is a problem in your psycho-somatic balance and should you agree, how would you like to know how to rebalance that system both short and long term?

If you struggle in keeping your weight at a sensible and healthy balance then I am sure you will be all too familiar with diets and exercise routines that you have tried for a while, noticed some results and then took your foot of the gas. What happened next? You lost motivation and the weight came back. Heck, I bet you even put on a little more.

Personally I have been what I regard as really ”over weight’ two times in my life. The first time was when I was working offshore in Norway and I got fat. The second time was when I got very serious about gaining weight using weights and strength training. Knowing how to gain weight can be just as useful as knowing how to take it off and keep it off.

Working offshore in Norway on all of the oil rigs there are a 24 hour kitchens that catered for all kinds of tastes. Just about any kind of food you can think of was available all the time. Just turn up any time and graze. The ever open, all you can eat buffet. Well in six months of grazing I put on an extra 3 stone from my normal weight.

As a contrast working from my base weight and engaging in daily weight training for six months I also put on three stone. The diet I was consuming were pretty different comparing the Norway buffet and the foods I was eating to support my muscles growing.

There seem to me two crucially important aspects in weight management. The first and most obvious we realise is exercise because this is how to create a body deficient in energy and this is what will utilise the bodies energy stores reducing adipose tissue – fat.

The second is to me much more important. This is the psychological components ( Psycho in Psychosomatic ) comprising ‘environmental-pressures’ and the mental focus to have and maintain long term ambitions in terms of your weight. This is the purpose and motivation that will most likely lead to higher self esteem and self worth and the why I invited you to think about at the beginning of this post.

When I worked offshore there was bad-for-me combinations of a very stressful job, odd sleeping and working times and a 24 hour buffet serving all sorts of delicious sugary carbohydrates that for many people are actually stress relievers.

I got overweight, though only about one and a half stone while I was writing software. There was a ‘cult’ of all of us bringing in biscuits, sweets and cake which we all grazed on throughout the day.

Sure we were thinking hard and that actually does use up energy. Yet reflecting now most members of that software programming team was overweight. And some much more than others. Perhaps it was another way of dealing with in-job stress or coping with monotony or maybe it was a bi-product of a grazing culture. Perhaps it was all of those things and more.

The point I want to stress is two fold. You can have responses in your environments and these can be powerfully mediated by your own long term and powerful reasons, purpose and values for maintaining a specific and healthy weight over time. This is what I can help you with.

Possible Reasons Why You Are Overweight

There are lots of ‘reasons’ why you are overweight. A combination of these will of course be worse for you and may over time adversely affect your health.

  • Eating excess processed foods ( especially sugar )
  • Taking in more energy than you burn off
  • Stress Full life and comfort eating
  • Eating when you are not hungry
  • Lack of low to moderate intensity exercise
  • Poor knowledge of food and storing fat
  • Your responses to your environments

Most of these can be mediated and managed with the right psychology. This really does mean having a deep knowing why its important for you to lose and maintain a healthy weight and being able to tap into your deep motivations.

Thank you for reading this far. I am making an assumption that you are serious about becoming a certain healthy weight. As such I want to offer you a free paper on food that is accented on giving you powerful knowledge that can be used to lose weight, keep it off and potentially dramatically change how and what you eat.

I am not a dietician so this free paper is informational only. This is exactly the knowledge I used to gain weight and also the knowledge you can use to maintain a healthy weight. Add the correct psychological attitude for you and you seriously increase your ability to get what you want.

Call now to request your free paper : UnSecrets of Weight Loss – Newcastle Hypnotherapy from Nigel Hetherington. Call 0770 481 8467. If you would like a free telephone consultation you can arrange one at this time too.

What I really can help you with is for you to gain and strengthen the psychological attitude that can help you maintain a healthy weight long term where you feel good about yourself over time. This will have everything to do with that question – why do you want to lose weight?

Working together initially involves a telephone conversation so I can be sure you are interested and committed to long term solutions and not the ‘quick fix’ short term solution.

I don’t believe things like hypnotic gastric banding or bariatric surgery are long term solutions for the vast majority of people who struggle with their weight, their moods and how they cope with stress. At the most basic level you are restricting your food input and this is almost certain to make you hungry and even obsess about food.

I don’t believe fad diets work for most people because if they did there wouldn’t be a massive global market in diet books, self help and semi-legal drugs to expel fat from our bodies. It is simply not enough to hope for a quick effortless fix.

It will most likely take effort on your behalf and if you think about it really honestly now, what have you achieved of genuine worth and value where you have not had to exert some effort? What really needs to change is both at a behavioural and psychological level.

Booking An Appointment

After an initial telephone consultation we will arrange an appointment and after this you will contact me by way of follow up at regular intervals over the next 12 months. Additional appointments are only as required.

Thank you for reading and remember to call even if at the moment you only require the free paper UnSecrets of Weight Loss.


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