Bereavement Hypnotherapy Newcastle

Hypnotherapy Newcastle for help with bereavement and coming to terms with the deep loss and forward with hope to continue living with acceptance and gratitude to have known those who have touched us so deeply.

Bereavement is a fact of life, there can, if we think about it, be no life without death. Death and life co-define each other. We all know this yet loosing a loved one can be one of the testing times in a persons life. Hypnotherapy Newcastle can help you move forward and be living again.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle Bereavement

Bereavement or loss comes in many forms. One of the most unexpected and difficult to deal with is the loss of a child to a parent. This really is not in the natural order of things we all know and try to accept.

A Brief Case Study – Hypnotherapy Bereavement

A few years ago I was contacted by a man who had lost his daughter just over twenty years ago. He has reported he has seen counsellors and some therapists over this period and was still deeply grieving. Talking with him he really was.

This person was deeply religious and I really don’t think any of his previous ‘helpers’ had discussed his beliefs about death and the relationships between his beliefs, his daughter death and grief, perhaps it was too painful for them?

His grief was resolved in around two hours ( which is very short and remarkable ) and I saw his wife for two sessions, using a very different approach. They both reported having come to terms and being at peace.

Bereavement and Grieving Properly

It is very important to grieve properly. This does actually take some time and the very well known Kubler Ross sequence can be extremely, cognitively, helpful for a grieving person to walk through what are very normal stages of grieving and return to living. When grieving last too long it is time to seek professional and compassionate help to move forwards.

Kubler Ross Scale is in five stages which do not have to happen in this order and can have stages missed entirely. use it as a guide.

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

I have a very good friend who is a practising Buddhist who parents died. As far as I could tell he was accepting very quickly. He loved his parents dearly yet through his training was able to accept this as a natural order of life. This is not so easily accomplished for most people.

For people who are presented with the knowledge a loved one will die before them, there is an almost incredible and usually transformational opportunity to say all of the things and do what they can together before one of then leaves this world. Pre-Grieving is a very useful and purposeful service I offer.

Pre-grieving softens the blow that we know will come and offers a compassionate and open space to prepare for one of the most impacting and transformations aspects we as living, human being will ever experience in this life time.

Hypnotherapy Newcastle Bereavement

When we have no opportunity to pre grieve and we are mourn the loss of a loved one, you really will either move on or you wont. When you can’t move on and the loss is too great this was called melancholia by Freud. Freud can often have a lot of not so positive press, partially because some of his ideas have been outdated or really upgraded. Melancholia is one thing he got right.

During a lifetime or a long time of relationship with a loved one, there will almost certainly be times where we have been experiencing a huge range of emotions with our lost love. These will be but are not limited to, love, laughter, happiness, anger, disappointment, sadness …

Grieving tends to focus on the psychological aspects of the relationship we are missing. This form of attachment is perfectly normal and usual. What is often forgotten are the harder or trickier times where the relationship was not perfect, not ideal and honestly, problematic. By re-accessing the good and the bad times it can become easier to experience the whole of the person that is gone.

By psychologically moving away from just the loss, to the the whole experiences it often, but not always, becomes a transformational experience of serious appreciations of and in life. For no matter where you have sat in the performance, it really is the greatest shown on this earth.

Contact me Nigel Hetherington, for a completely free consultation by phone which will last around 20 minutes, to get a felt sense of how I can help you move forwards and onwards at Newcastle hypnotherapy. Call now on 0770 481 8467.

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