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Hypnotherapy Newcastle for Anxiety problems such as excessive worry, guilt and remorse. Newcastle hypnotherapy for common anxiety disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD ), trauma, intrusive traumatic memories and flash backs.

People with problematic anxiety disorders often describe their problems as ‘preying on their mind’. Anxious people will also describe their symptoms as ‘tying their stomach up in knots’ and occasionally ‘feeling skitish’ as well as ‘having a looming sense of dread’.

The embodied sense of unwell is not experienced as some cerebral thought process but is instead felt physically and emotionally in the body. If you consider some of the terms commonly used by anxious people to describe their problems we discover many of those terms are metaphorical in their literal description and are of an embodied physicalised sense.

What Does That Mean You May Be Asking? Good Question!

Well, predators like lions, tigers and bears prey on or stalk their food. We can tie a rope up into knots and it’s people or clouds that can  loom upon us but…

In the context of Anxiety, there is no literal tying up of our stomachs in knots; there is no physical being looming on us and there is no physical predator preying on our minds for their lunch of emotional nutrition, not even an metaphorical energy vampire! AND we can quite literally act as though this metaphorical descriptions IS true.

Neuro Biological Components Of Anxiety – Brain Stuff

Refined brain scanning of neuronal activity in many studies has shown, as a body of evidence, that there are certain brain nucleoli involved in most types of anxiety. Interestingly they are other brain nucleoli involved in more positive reports of psychological states. The research backs up the common knowledge that certain kinds of activities that mediate the common terms to describe ‘good states’.

It makes perfect sense that, when removing neuro-biological pathology there are ways of thinking and behaving that create negative states. Just as much as the obverse, in that there are ways of thinking and being that promote ‘positive states’.

OK, brain scanning ( fMRI ) has shown that there is increased activity in the lateral-pre-frontal cortex ( PFC ) and the dorsal anterior cingulate ( dAC ); relating the unexpected to negative emotional moods, very much like the well documented OCD loop. The interesting idea here is this activity can have a brain hemisphere dominance.

When we are anxious, it is well known or suggested that doing some, any, menial distraction activity ( I define menial as a left brained, attention consuming ) such as adding columns of numbers, organising books or doing meditation. These could be called displacement activities. They provide a temporary relief from worrying thoughts that create undesirable feelings that accompany anxiety.

A more permanent solution is to learn how to change the thought patterns that create anxiety in the first place. Anxiety and stress go hand in hand when people have the following kinds of experience.

  • Lack of certainty about the future
  • Lack of control in situations
  • Poor social support
  • Lack of outlets for stress

What Can You Do To Help Yourself?

How is it that people in a comparable situation to you can feel OK and calm what you would have been anxious? Well in a nut shell they think differently. Understanding how you think is a very positive first step in changing how you feel. They don’t have quite so much amygdala arousal.

A significant proportion of people I work with create their own anxiety by talking to themselves. Not necessarily out loud but by the silent thoughts that are generally ruminated as ‘what if …’, ‘this is going to be bad …’ BUT it is the same kind of thoughts, that with practice, can generate a much more positive outlook on life.

  • Feel more in-control of your life
  • Be more comfortable with insecurity
  • Engage your friends and peers
  • Discover outlets for stress

Hypnosis And Psychotherapy As Solution

Hypnosis Newcastle can help you to feel more at peace and at the same time, with practice and dedication, help you run your own bran and thought patterns, in ways that promote more acceptance and INFLUENCE of your wellbeing. Newcastle hypnotherapy for anxiety to it’s opposite.

A question I often begin with, with clients is, imagine you were having a perfect day, how would that be? And I have clients describe their perfect or better days. Think about it this way; You create your own ideas about how life is going to be, and that is anxiety or its opposite.

You can learn how to nurture your thoughts, with practice, as to how you want to live anxiety free or more free and enabling. It does take practice and hypnotherapy Newcastle is not usually a miracle cure it is one step to you taking control of your life.

Hypnosis Newcastle for anxiety relief and ways of, in one step at a time, or radically changing what was you anxiety response to a more centred and easier way of being. Hypnosis Newcastle avec Nigel Hetherington

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