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Hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming, NLP North East and Sunderland to stop smoking using hypnotherapy & NLP can help you overcome one of the most legally available and most addictive substances, nicotine and habit.

During the second world war one man discovered that he had a real MEANING to go on living under the harshest of conditions. Conditions of virtual slavery, torturous treatment, malnutrition and the likely hood of certain but early death. This man was called Viktor Frankl and we will return to Viktor in a short while.

In the 1950’s it was socially acceptable to smoke, it was trendy and the risks involved were, like drinking irradiated fluids for health, were unknown. Using Newcastle hypnosis for stopping smoking could help you raise your quality of life by stopping smoking. Why? Because statistically you will live longer and have more money over time to do more of the things that are honestly more meaningful to you. Check out for some very captivating statistics regarding smoking.

Smokers tend to smoke between 10 and 60 cigarettes per day. 10 cigarettes per day cost around £5. If you add this monetary cost up over a week that is £35 per week, over one average month that is close to £150 and over one year, more than £1500. Now if you smoke 20 a day that is 3k per year … what would you do with an extra £3000 per year? Or how would you occupy your time and extra cash?

When you stop smoking it must be for a deeply meaningful reason

You could choose to stop for your health, your children, to live longer BUT there has to be an honest, well contrived and purposeful MEANINGFUL reason. Viktor Frankl found a deep meaning to live. Using hypnosis to Stop smoking will help you discover a deep meaning to quit. In order to stop smoking you have to WANT to stop and want to stop for deeply meaningful reasons.

In order to stop smoking using hypnosis, or at least being able to have some seriously informed consent and choice as to when to smoke and as well to choose not to smoke, there are two very important factors that come into play.

FACTOR ONE : Addictions are usually quite difficult to stop

It is usually very difficult to stop smoking cigarettes after smoking for a long time. A cigarette will supply the addict with comforting feelings, seem to reduce stress and like any serious addiction there is a biological and neurological component. There is an emotional component and there is a socially acceptable component. There are lots of reasons to keep smoking BUT the key here is finding enough meaningful and future oriented why’s to QUIT.

FACTOR TWO : Your body craves what you are addicted to.

If we eliminate ( just for the moment ) stress and how smoking calms you for a moment there is a craving that is both physiologically ( addiction ) and psychologically ( addiction ) biologically requested. When you smoke you inhale nicotine, granted inhaling a cigarette does not provide a massive nicotine burst, but even that tiny weeny bit is enough to make you crave more. Nicotine binds to the Acetylcholine neurons in your brain and affects the mesolimbic dopamine pleasure centre in your brain. This drives the smoker to want to smoke and in doing so releases endogenous opioid pleasure rewards; which do feel very pleasurable.

All addictive behaviours involve a mid brain and forebrain complex know as the mesolimbic reward circuit. This is a dopaminergic pathway from the ventral tegmental area in the mesencephalon to the nucleus accumbens septi. All addictive behaviours and thoughts are associated to this pathway from cocaine addiction to sexual addiction. This also includes alcohol and smoking and gambling.

The Social Govermental Paradox

Stop Smoking BUT you can buy cigarettes from almost anywhere. Why not legalise cannabis or cocaine? The two most personally and socially damaging drugs the are legally available are cigarettes and alcohol. The revenues that our government make from cigarettes and alcohol are massive.

UK government costs such as hospital care, from cigarettes is 2.4 billion what the government makes is over 8 billion. The  UK government makes in excess of 15 billion from alcohol. This would seem like a ‘legitimate’ drug dealers profit rather large. All of this profit is spread out to benefit the rest of the UK in what the government allocates regionally.

How You Can Help Yourself To Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking successfully really does require changing and reframing your behaviours in a variety of situations. A holistic approach will include the successful quitter to discover better ways to alleviate the natural stressors that preclude smoking, will require the successful quitter to change social setting ( at least for a while, about 6 months ) where smoking was the norm. Will require deeply meaningful ways to find a genuine purpose where the smoking behaviour was a thing of the past with future orientated behaviours taking precedence. And most of all a need to stop smoking.

So what Viktor Frankl did, in the context of a likely very short and painful future was, discover in himself a reason to live. That reasons was to present lectures and learning to hundreds of people at an imaginary conference on the psychology of how people can treat other human beings so badly and what can be done to change the world in better ways.

Viktor didn’t get to realise his conference to hundreds of people. He got to lecture to thousands of people and raise human consciousness against the horrors of war. Maybe that’s not for you as everyone would do better at following their own purpose and bliss. So maybe you would just like your children to see how parents can change and maybe you would like to see your children grow up into their adult lives?

For help in stopping smoking using hypnosis in Newcastle you can call me for a free consultation. Get help for stop smoking Newcastle using  hypnotherapy and NLP in Newcastle from Nigel Hetherington.



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