Stress Hypnotherapy Newcastle # Nigel Hetherington

Is hypnosis for stress a truly viable solution?

Chronic or regular episodes of stress will over time damage the cardio-vascular and immune system.  It will impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

In our wonderful and hi tech world we physiologically respond to every day stresses as though we were gearing up to run away form a genuinely life threatening situation such as a confrontation with a sabre toothed tiger.

Our brain responds to both instinctual and learned fear the same way. The response involves our hypothalamus, pituitary gland and amygdalae. This system produces and activates the major stress hormones ACTH and cortisol and norepinephrine preparing the body for the flight fight response.

The vast majority of stress responses are not about life threatening situations but we have learned to dramatically over react and as such our neuro-physical response is completely out of proportion.

So is hypnotherapy for stress a really good treatment?

It may well be because hypnosis can be used for deep relaxation and you may also need to change certain behaviours to your advantage. Hypnotherapy can create the rest and relax cycles that promote physical and mental wellbeing though this is usually only half the story.

Our learned responses to stress such as ‘from’ other people can be unlearned. This means our interpretation to situations and events can have a huge emotional and physical impact on out life.

Additionally our own behaviours can be major stressors in our life.

I once worked with a woman who complained of stress. She ran her own business and worked seven days a week for just about every week of the year. It was common for her to work sixteen hours a day every day. Of course I advised her to work much less.

She responded well to hypnosis and relaxed in trance. I taught her self hypnosis and told her to do this once per day. For the first week she reported feeling much better. She continued to work long days.

After two weeks she stopped doing her own self hypnosis and complained she was again stressed. You will see that there is a balance required and in this case making time to relax was required and this woman chose to not do that.

Pressure is a natural and normal response to life’s challenges and adventures. Pressure is what can help us develop and go beyond current limits. We can think about our ability to cope with pressure like a container. We have a capacity to cope with pressure and when our capacity is exceeded we feel stress.

Hypnotherapy can help your both relax and learn ways to deal more affectively with stress in life. Explore hypnotherapy for stress here in Newcastle and contact me to see how I can help you.

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