Newcastle Hypnotherapy And Neuroplasticity – Nigel Hetherington

Neuroplasticity is the term to describe how our brains at the neuronal level can plastically, physically rewire to create new behaviours and attitudes. Hypnotherapy is one proven method to facilitate personal change at the neuronal and behavioural level. Hypnotherapy Newcastle works from a fundamental principle that people can and do change both behaviourally and attitudinally.

At one time it was thought that the neurological functions of the brain, for example hearing, spatial awareness or attention are hardwired to a certain locations within the brain. This brain model of function specific areas of the brain is known as localisationism and was the model adopted by the early neuroscientists of the 19th century. Our modern neuroscience has shown that our brains and our behaviours are almost always changeable. This is witnessed in many cases where there has been brain damage or some brain pathology and functionality has been restored, undiminished or partially returned.

Many clients turn to Newcastle Hypnotherapy to make changes in problematic behaviours and attitudes they have had for a long time, sometimes several years. Now researchers are making links between the brain wave frequency of dreaming ( alpha ) and REM ( theta ) sleep, and the laying down of long term memory and learning. Brain scans of people who are in a state of hypnosis show their brain activity frequency to often be in the alpha and theta states.

Repetition and motivation are two key ingredients in learning any new skill, behaviour or attitude. After all no one was born anxious, depressed or over weight, these, let’s call them qualities, were learned over time. Such ‘qualities’ in Newcastle hypnotherapy can be unlearned, that is replaced with some other preferential behaviours. And in hypnosis, time is plastic, one minute of hypnosis time can be like 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour of real time. We know this from both our own dreams and our own experiences of time distortion. So in hypnosis, practice and rehearsal time is plastic.

Through hypnosis we are quite literally creating new mind maps of neurons that will perform and run the more desirable behaviours. The principle being that the old behaviour was at the neuronal and behavioural level the ‘best’ mind map of neurons to fire in the ‘problem situation’.

Old behaviours ( or neuronal maps ) can be thought of like a familiar route through a forest. By walking the same route, you become more and more familiar with it. Sure you will not always step in exactly the same place sometimes you will veer off the track a bit. But walk that old route enough times and you will leave a groove. Well that is like how your brain works with behaviours, good or bad. The good news is like changing your route, with some practice and motivation you can learn complementary and completely new ones with new perspectives leading you to new places.

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