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Today, now, more than ever before, being able to speak with a real and genuine confidence is a very necessary skill.

We must and have to, as part of our jobs, speak to groups of people and effectively communicate and share ideas, strategies and information . We often have to act in the role of a mediator or chairperson. We need to be heard, lead from top outwards and at the same time as respond to feedback we need to be open to our group input. To function effectively we actually require that public speaking is a well honed and practised skill. We need public speaking confidence.

Maybe, like you, so many people have had a bad experience of public speaking and this still dwells within. If you want to overcome this feeling and get some insights on how to improve, keep reading …

Before a public speech, many of us begin to worry and you know, worry can take many forms. Worrying about if we will come across poorly, worrying if people will not like us. Worrying if we will sound stupid. Worry, worry, worry.

Worrying like this has three very problematic effects

1. It does produce a negative feedback loop. Concentrating on what can go wrong will tend to focus our attention on what can go wrong and like any good self fulfilling prophesy is likely to amplify what it sets out to create.

2. It removes our attention from both our audience and our message. Two very unhelpful attention distractions.

3. This culminates into a negative feed-forward loop. It feed forwards in time and this will adversely effect your future presentations.

So, what are the crucial elements of a really good public speech?

1. Know your stuff. This means being familiar with our content, which does comes through practice and experience. This really is the easy part.
2. Stop worrying while you are presenting, focus on what your ARE doing. This is crucial. There will be plenty of time AFTERWARDS to evaluate your performance. And an after performance evaluation is of great use. AFTER the event.
3. Be in the moment. This is linked to [2]. Being present and being present in the full experience.

How do people repeatedly manage to screw up their presentations?

1. Taking to themselves during their presentation. Usually in a negative and unhelpful way.
2. Over practising.
3. Pre-performance; Getting into negative states. This is the worry cycle [ what if … ].
4. Being in the wrong state prior to giving a public address.

What can you do to give a really congruent and well received speech?

The best way, as far as I can understand is essentially two fold. And it goes like this.

Firstly, knowing you content, you must BELIEVE in what you are sharing with your group. This really does mean speaking from your heart. I mean this both physically and literally. Speaking from your heart means an honest and congruent commitment from you in terms of having a genuine affection for the messages you will be delivering. This means understanding the value of what you are sharing. This means being connected with the real purpose, your audience and anticipating the intended affects of what you say.

Secondly, and by way of the first, your body, your voice, your attitude will be congruent and really aligned with the messages you are going to deliver. There is no more simple way to put this. You are the messenger, so walk your talk.

All this can come, quite succinctly, from speaking from your heart and … having the real state that supports your outcome. And your state is KEY to YOUR SUCCESS.

The real big and powerful secret that will drive this to your success is ultimately your state.

Now, your state and a powerful engaging purpose are two things I can really assist you with for public speaking.

This means developing an attitude that promotes your confidence and your message. Being confident and congruent with your message will promote your confidence, this is a powerful loop. Using aspects of Hypnotherapy and NLP, I can help you address the blocks from your past which are holding you back and really assist you in uncovering and developing a powerful driving purpose that is your foundation for success.

Before you contact me I want to make two things clear. These two things are crucial for your success. These are very, very important. make absolutely sure you are:

1. Deeply committed to making this change. This is not necessarily about a one session ‘fix’ where the onus in on me to change you. My clients who get the very best results are the one’s, who not only engage in the process, they are the ones who commit to pre and post session tasks. Be sure you are totally committed to making a lasting change before you contact me.

2. Totally willing and committed to do whatever it takes to get to the place where public speaking is more than OK.

If this is you … Get in contact right away to make the changes you want in your life now.

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