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Serious Stress, OFSTED, a Blank Check and the Head Teacher

I am no stranger to stress in the professional workplace. In fact I am testimony to it having worked in three very stress-full places of employment. Working in the Northumbrian Water business at the time of privatisation, working in the off shore oil and gas exploration setting and in an an entrepreneurial software engineering setting while the business was sold off to venture capitalists.

Two weeks or so ago I was contacted by the head teacher of an extremely prestigious North East school. The conversation was two fold. They required personal assistance and the school staff were massively stressed because an OFSTED inspection was looming and how could I help the staff?

Hypnotherapy for OFSTED Stress

Twice in the first five minutes of our conversation I was asked for an invoice to come into the school to help the teachers with their extreme stress. This is a blank check for my services. Anyone thinking there is no money in the local schools will have a bit of a shock. My fees were never discussed and I was asked twice for my invoice details.

Each time I politely refused because I wanted to come into the school and observe the environment and because until I was sure what I would offer would make a real difference I would not take any money for my services. I am as sure as I can be that I could help the teachers change their coping responses but I like to see first hand before that kind of professional contractual obligation.

In my line of work as a therapist and a teacher of NLP I have had the privileged of working and meeting several teachers that are effected by the pressures of an OFSTED inspection. I have also met one of the highest people in OFSTED who runs the massive coordination of school inspections at the highest level. So I am reasonably familiar with the different effects this has on a wide variety of people.

This head teacher described their personal problem as one of those all two familiar acronyms where things have to be just so or there is massive anxiety. I would think that a successful head of an enterprise needs to have these kinds of structures when all is going well. It’s called being a head.

I explained to the head I require a completed questionnaire before our appointment and arranged their personal appointment and I also arranged a time, the week after our one to one appointment to come to the school and meet the staff, the head, the occupational psychologist and whoever else would be there.

I contacted the head teacher twice to remind them to complete and return their questionnaire before our appointment. Guess what happened. That is right, nothing! So two days before our scheduled appointment I emailed a third time to postpone our one to one because they had failed ( love to say that to a teacher ) to follow my terms and conditions and could we re-arrange our appointment.

The reply was priceless. It was ‘cancel my appointment and cancel the school one too.’ I was not shocked at all because I had anticipated this knee jerk reaction.

Anyone who can not follow processes as simple as filling a questionnaire is unlikely to take on board any advice and techniques I suggest to be implemented in dealing with stress. I was so very much looking forward to working with people who do amazing jobs, teaching our next generations, work out some ways to turn stress into pressure.

IF you are a mega-stressed teacher at this school or any school in the North East, call me, fill in the questionnaire! and I will do my very best to help you find ways to turn what I know can be massive stress into workable pressure.



Weight Loss Truths That Will Shock You – Especially Hypnotherapy To Shrink Your Stomach!

There are several hard and potentially disturbing truths that anyone that is seriously interested in weight loss and maintaining the weight off – which are two very different things – must know and understand.

This post will be relevant to all individual people who want and need to lose weigh as well as those of you who are considering using any psychological method such as hypnotherapy to help you lose weight and keep it off.

So here is the first idea we need to explore. Weigh Loss has very little to do with the old idea that reducing the volume of food you consume will help you lose weight. This may be shocking for the bands of hypnotic gastric banding providers who are in essence telling you to control the volume you eat by imagining your stomach is smaller.

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

This is the idea, and it sounds like it could be good, is cut down on the amount of food you eat and do more to burn off the excess. But there is abundant research evidence that proves there is no direct relationship between calorie deficit ( eating less calories ) and weigh loss.

But There Is No Direct Link To Weigh Loss And Reducing Food Volume

Its just a small matter but some foods have the potential to make you store fats and put on weight and others do not. So it should be worryingly obvious that gastric banding alone, and I mean the surgical operation, or even reducing the amount you eat can not and will not make you lose weight over any period of time.

In the UK a recent government study shows that 1 in 4 adults are obese and the percentage of male adults that are obese and overweight is 65% and the percentage of female adults that are obese and overweight is 58%. This shocks me and I believe I understand why people are becoming so fat.

In a study by Colleen Rand in relation to being obese ( something which 1 in 4 UK people are ) instead of being obese:

  • 100% would rather be deaf.
  • 89% would rather be blind.
  • 91% would rather have a leg amputated.

The surgical procedure bariatric surgery or as we know it gastric banding is a very extreme form, a last resort if you like, to attempt to control weight gain. It costs between £5000 and £8000 and is used to treat ( possibly the wrong word ) life threatening obesity by restricting the size of the stomach.

There is no direct relationships between the amount of food that you put in your body to the amount of weight you carry. In abundant research there is no direct relationship between calorie deficit ( eating less calories ) and weigh loss.

How Our Bodies Store Fat

There are three food groups and there is only one of them that creates the conditions where it is possible to store fat in a fat cell as a triglyceride.

Lets explore our fat enabling friend the carbohydrate. When you eat carbohydrates, these are essentially sugars, which are broken down to provide energy in the form of glucose. If you don’t use that available glucose it will be stored away as glycogen. That is excess glucose will be stored away as four parts water and one part glycogen.

When we eat carbohydrates our friend the hormone of plenty, insulin, does its part to return the blood glucose level to the more usual state. So insulin converts glucose into glycogen to be stored in the muscles and liver as an on tap energy source.

There are two types of human body fat. One is know as fatty acids which are small chain molecules that are burned up for energy. The other form is known as triglycerides. A triglyceride is three fatty acids bound up with glycerol. A triglyceride within a fat cell will need to be broken down into the simpler fatty acid to pass the fat cell membrane and be used as a fuel.

The more glucose available to fat cells the more glycerol can be made. If there is more glycerol available there is more fat that can be stored in the fat cells as triglycerides. And where is an amazingly abundant source of glucose? You got it carbohydrates.

Fat storage can only occur when there are carbohydrates and glucose present in the body. It is that simple.

How Our Bodies Utilise Fat

How fat is stored is different to how our bodies will utilise stored fat. Working in position to insulin released from the pancreas is another pancreatic hormone glucagon. This little helper converts stored glycogen in the liver into glucose.

In response to falling blood sugar the pancreas produces glucagon and in turn the fatty acids stored in the liver are utilised to provide fuel for the body. If there is no glucose and carbohydrates available then and only then will the stored triglycerides begin to be broken down and use as energy.

When the triglycerides are being broken down with an enzyme lipase the fatty acids are released and the glycerol can be converted into glucose for use in the brain.

So I hope you have a very clear understanding that restricting the amounts you can eat has nothing to do with what you eat and that when you are eating any form of carbohydrates and glucose you are creating the conditions for fat storage. The evil little fat hoarder is carbohydrates.

Psychological And Knowledge Aspects To Long Term Weight Loss

This is where I can help you. What is absolutely critical in maintaining a lighter and healthier weight is a two fold approach.

The first aspect is you are armed and equipped with the right information that will help you. The latest NHS advice gives old and outdated advice and information. It may work but then again all of the information about foods, weight and weigh loss is not there or is outdated or just plain wrong. Check out NHS guideline and info for yourself right here and be sure to read the comments!

I have attempted to give you up to date and correct information that can help you both understand and actualise your eating, exercising and above all knowledge of what certain food types is actually doing in your body.

The second aspect is the psychological methods that you will probably require to maintain and support a continued new lifestyle where I will help you address underlying aspects of how you can learn to eat much less carbs and have a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Because weight loss is not so much about weight loss it is about what keeping the weigh off long term really means to you. When you want professional psychological help using a variety of means please do get in touch.

Telephone consultations are free and take around twenty minutes. Call now. 0770 481 8467